What is the full form of NASA

 Friends, if you have come to know about NASA full form in English , then this site and article is right for you, friends, today’s era is the era of science. If in today’s age someone talks stupidly or talks about some old custom or old thoughts, then he has to hear a proverb – that the world has gone to the moon and you are still lying in old thoughts. Today there is no human being who is deprived of modern science. There is definitely a desire in the mind of every human being to get information about the universe. And every person wants to know about space, how is the world outside this earth? And what is there in this universe?

Is life possible outside this earth as well? If possible, what would their life be like? How is the world of space? In this way, many questions related to space come in our mind. In today’s time, technology has become very advanced, during which every day information related to space is collected through new experiments. Every developed and developing country has its own agency. Which keeps gathering information about space. Just as India has ISRO, similarly NASA is also a space information gathering agency which is located in America. So in this post we will talk about NASA full form in Hindi,NASA full form hindi and english,nasa-kya-hai,NASA ki full form kya hai and also about the establishment of NASA, history of NASA and also related to NASA. Will collect a wide variety of information.

What is the full form of NASA

What is the full form of NASA? 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration है

N- National
A- Aeronautics
S- space
A- Administration

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is known as NASA for short . Which is called National Aeronautics and Space Administration in  english. This agency is located in the United States of America. Which was established on 19 July 1958. It was created to replace the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics . The main task of NASA is to research about space and aeronautics . There are many space research centers in their respective countries in the world, but NASA is the world’s first and largest space and aeronautics research center  .

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Establishment of NASA

Talking about the most successful and largest space agency , then the name of NASA comes first. And many discoveries have been made by it from time to time. Which is present among us today, due to which our life has become very easy.NASA was established on 19 July 1958 in America , its headquarter is in Washington.The credit for the founding of NASA goes to former US President Dwight D Eidrnhoert . After the establishment of NASA , NASA was the first to land Apollo on the moon. After this , NASA has done big things like sky lab station and space stale . in the field of spaceNASA has waved its success by visiting many big planets and leaving their satellites on them . And today the whole world is taking advantage of the discovery of these satellites.

History of NASA

On 19 July 1958 , a space research center named NASA was established by the US government . Its headquarter is in the city of Washington, USA. The NASA Research Center was built under the National Aeronautics and Space Act. And talk about today, today there are ten NASA centers in USA. Testing and research facilities are available in seven of these centres. In today’s time, if someone gets a job inside NASA, then he is considered very lucky. Because a job in NASA is considered to be the best job in the world. NASA

NASA full form

 Scientists and engineers from many different fields are working inside. A lot of people are also working with them as assistants, who help scientists and engineers in NASA’s mission, which includes escalators, writers, lawyers, teachers etc.

NASA ‘s first program was Project Mercury and Mercury was the purpose of knowing whether humans could survive in space.

After this the next mission was Gemini, whose purpose was to make a manned visit to the Moon by the end of the 1960s . During which two people were landed on the moon, for which such a spacecraft was used in which two men could travel.

After which the Apollo mission was done by NASA on 20 July 1969, in which Neil Armstrong became the first person in the world who stepped on the moon for the first time. Under the Apollo Apollo mission, NASA also brought Neil Armstrong back to Earth.

After this, NASA launched Pioneer 10 in 1972 and then launched Pioneer 11 in 1973 . tell you the pioneer It was the first spacecraft in the world that reached Saturn and Jupiter, the largest planets of the Solar System. NASA full form in English.

What does NASA do, What is NASA’s work?

NASA makes many things in the field of space.

NASA makes many types of satellites, today a lot of information related to the earth is provided by NASA.

NASA sends probes related to space.

NASA also tells what is going on in our solar system.

How wide is the solar system? What is inside this solar system?

How does this solar system work?

Tells how far it is.

Along with this, NASA also sends humans to space.

Apart from the moon, NASA is doing research about many planets.

NASA investigates the atmosphere of many planets and the soil found on that planet.

Through which soil many types of details are found.

NASA is trying to find life on Mars.

The people of NASA are constantly working to improve air travel on Earth.  

NASA reveals to the public the things that NASA itself has learned.  

Through which you can make the life of the people of the earth better.

NASA gives people information related to the atmosphere and weather.

Helps to prepare new patterns related to weather .

NASA helps develop new aircraft and also helps with aircraft testing.

Constantly sets new records for airworthiness and airworthiness.

Together, it does a lot of work in making air travel easier, safer and faster.

What did NASA do?, NASA agency,s work

You know that every day some new technology keeps coming, NASA is also not less in the field of space. Large experiments have been implemented. Knowing about the experiments, you will press your finger under your teeth. Today, those experiments have contributed a lot in our life, due to which your life and our life have become very easy, so let’s talk about many experiments of NASA-


Pioneer 10 which was launched in the year 1972 . After this, about a year later, pioneer 11 was launched. It was the world’s first spacecraft to study the most photogenic gases and rocks in the Solar System and to visit Saturn on Jupiter.  

Pioneer 10 was fitted with a belt of solar plates, due to which its energy source was located above it, these satellites focused on the asteroid belt of the Solar System and the rocks of the planet Mars, and the orbiting region in the Solar System. This spacecraft made a point flight of the planet Jupiter, especially for observing the spacecraft’s close view of the planet, from which a very close picture of the great red spot was also taken.

About a year after the launch of Pioneer 10 , Pioneer 11 was launched, which flew from Jupiter and went to the planet Saturn and there he went around the planet Saturn and there a pair of moons, that is, a small moon was discovered. Which revolves around the planet .


Friends, this satellite WMAP was sent by NASA in 2001, its full name is Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy probe , it was very accurate for big-bang theory , that is, this satellite measures the temperature of radiation released from big-bang with unprecedented accuracy, And this satellite has solved many theories of the origin, nature of the universe to man, to measure the cosmic microwave background radiation .

WMAP gave us accurate information about the origin and age of the universe. According to the information, it is estimated that the origin of this universe was about 13.7 billion years ago.

And with this, it has also been proved by WMAP that about 95% of this universe is made up of bad things like dark energy .


After launching the pioneer satellite, NASA launched Voyager 1 and then Voyager 2, the voyager planet gathered a lot of information related to Saturn and Jupiter, during the discovery it was found that the rings around the planet Jupiter Iowa has a presence on Jupiter’s moon.

Voyager was the only first satellite to fly to the planet Uranus, and the voyager discovered ten new moons on yurens and with it gathered information about Neptune and found that Neptune is much lighter than astronomical estimates.


NASA surprised the world by building a space telescope called Hubble and thus NASA earned its name in the world. The fame of NASA spread all over the world, and this telescope The photographs taken from them forced people and themselves to learn more deeply about the universe, and this invention changed astronomy and later gathered much information on astronomical issues.

NASA sent an optical telescope into the sky from the turbulent atmosphere at Earth’s end to observe an instrument that could clearly see the planets , galaxies, and stars in front of us.

Spirit and opportunity

This experiment shocked all the scientists of the world and NASA had gone far ahead in the field of science, NASA did what other scientists of the world were thinking about. NASA created the Marx rover, which was a multi-wheeled vehicle with a single camera, or we can say that the twin Mars Exploration Rower , named Spirit and Opportunity , landed on the other side of Mars in January 2004 and thus the rover Traveling on Mars, today is roaming in the craters built in the hills of Mars, and this roaming rower gave evidence that there used to be water on the surface of Mars many years ago. You have Vikram lenderYou must have heard about what India’s space agency ISRO had sent to Mars, but due to technical problems , Vikram’s landing was not done properly and cress landing, due to which this mission could not be successful.


This time NASA made a biggest history in the field of astronomical science, which was a big surprise for the world . This time not only a spacecraft but a human was sent to the moon. This was the first discovery in history, in which the Earthlings go to another planet, come back alive from there, along with waving the flag of their country, they also bring the soil there on the ground, and because of this, the people of the Earth have a lot to know about the moon planet. All the information was collected from which it was known that how old is the moon, how much is the weight of the moon, what is the moon made of, what material is made of the moon, what is the physical structure of the moon, thus the Apollo mission It has greatly increased the scientific understanding of the whole world.

Friends, every time it is said that the first person to step on the moon was Neil Armstrong , so there were many people with him, but Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon, the chief driver of Apollo 11 was the commander Neil Armstrong and His commendation was Michael Collins , and Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrine .

Interesting facts about NASA

1 NASA has even made such a device through which torrential rain can be done

2 The first person to step on the moon was Neil Armstrong, who was a week late in applying for NASA, later Neil was able to apply with the help of his friend, otherwise his application gets rejected and this history is not known to anyone. And gets the name.

5 NASA has set a target in 2017 , according to which NASA will send humans to Mars by 2030.

6 was programmed for a 1962 Mariner rocket, in which he made a hyphen (-) mistake, under which an explosion occurred when the rocket landed on the ground.

7 The first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, whose first successfully landed on the moon in 1962 .

8 NASA discovered a new water world salt house about 40 light years away from Earth, which may contain material like hot ice and superfluid water .

9 NASA has developed a finder salt technology that can detect breathing or heartbeat in 200 feet of concrete trapped in 30 feet of debris . This technique was developed to save the people trapped in the earthquake in Nepal.

Question and answer related to NASA 

Q 1 What is the name of the CEO of NASA?

Ans. Zim bridenstaian

Q 2 Who funds NASA?

Ans. America’s government gives funds to NASA , last year the USA spent about 4.5 trillion   in the fiscal year 2019 .

Q 3 How much salary does NASA get?

Ans. Campus at NASA ranges from $ 8.59 an hour for a counselor and about $ 60.00 an hour for an electrical engineer .

Q 4 What is the name of space agency like NASA that Russia has?

Ans. Roskosmos has JAXA in Japan, ESA in Europe , and CSA in Canada .

Friends, today we learned a lot about NASA full form in Hindi article, we learned a lot about NASA’s flower forum, history of NASA, need of NASA, work of NASA, interesting facts of NASA, inventions of NASA, friends, you will see our post. How did you like NASA full form in Hindi If you liked our post NASA full form in Hindi and your knowledge has increased in reading this post, then send the link of this informative post to your friends so that your friends also have great information. Do not be deprived of.

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