Visiting Old House dream Islamic interpretations, 42 Dreams

2 Dreams About Old Houses : Meaning & Interpretation, What is the meaning of dreaming about old houses-friends when you go home Leaving and going abroad or any other city and many of your memories are attached to your home. It happens because you are born in your home, you play, jump and study there. And many friends are in your house or in your village. whenever you’re alone And remember those golden moments ,

Friends, no matter how many sights you can travel, how many roam the city Take but as much as you can get in your home rest is not found in any corner of the world

Visiting Old House dream Islamic interpretation

Visiting Old House dream Islamic interpretation

friends of every person Childhood is very beautiful when a child is small then thoughts come in his mind. Growing up in Ki, this banuga, that banuga, but after growing up, he is asked that Now what do you want to be, then the answer will be that I would like to be a child back , because Childhood never comes back

The place where we grew up and the place we play jump The place where we danced is a different place in our heart, we never want to erase those memories.

If you see your own ancestral or childhood house in your dream, then it is going to bring happiness in your life. You are going to enjoy life and there is going to be a communication of happiness inside your love , if there is a conflict going on between your husband and wife , that conflict will end now and your Love will be like that again wedding was at the time.

Dream of ruined house

You are sitting in foreign country to earn and you are working hard to build your house and some night you have a dream then you are happy to see your house and when you see your house badly ruined If you see in the dream that the rooms of your house are broken, it is scattered like your housemates are sitting in front of their house, it looks like a storm has come in your city, but it is a matter of wonder that someone else The house is not ruined, only your house is ruined and takes the form of a ruin in which the bricks of the house are lying apart , there is a pile of rubble of the plateau , the roof of the roof straps If broken , then friends, this dream leaves a very inauspicious sign for you.

If you are doing business somewhere, then there is going to be a big loss in that business, if a sick person sees this dream , then in the coming time, his disease multiplier Maybe you can see the door of death ,

If you are in love with someone and you have this type of dream then it means that your love is going to betray you, he is only with you. time pass is playing with your feelings for you , you know that this dream is an inauspicious sign for you but pleasure It is a matter of fact that this dream serves as a warning to you, this dream tells that take care in time because very bad is going to happen to you , thus take care of yourself after seeing your condition, otherwise you have to be told above. results Will have to suffer

Abandoned House dream meaning

If you see your house as a ruin in your dream, then this type of dream shows an auspicious sign for you, this dream further indicates that future life I am going to have a lot of wealth and property in your hands, this property may be of your ancestors, which has been around for a long time. embroiled in controversy Thi she is going to get you now, if you are a shopkeeper and you have to face this type of dream then it means that in future you will get many customers problems have to be solved.

if you a investor If yes, then this dream shows a very auspicious time to invest money that you have money and you can invest in the area you want to invest. Benefit Will give it.

Seeing muddy house in dream meaning 

If you see in your dream that you are going to your farm and there is a thatched hut in the field, then this dream is for you. Spiritual Indicates the attainment of happiness that it is the most appropriate time to attain peace in your life, this dream indicates that you need real happiness in your life. recipient for you holy books Must read

If you seeing your house in dream meaning 

According to the scriptures, every dream has a different meaning and every third person sees his house in the dream , but it is not that seeing a house in a dream is auspicious or inauspicious, it depends on the position of the house in auspicious and inauspicious. It depends on what condition we see our house in the dream and accordingly we get the result of the dream like dirty house , beautiful house , decorated house , burning house , broken house , new house , While making a house, in this way many types of dreams related to the house can come, so let’s know each dream in detail –

If you see building a house for yourself in your dream

If you see building a house for yourself in your dream, then this type of dream shows your progress in the coming time that you are going to make a lot of progress in the coming time if you are a businessman and you get this type of dream. So this dream for you Good Indicates the sign that in the coming days you will find something very big. project You are going to get the benefit of which you are going to get the benefit in the coming time.

If you are a government or non-government company I am a worker and if you get this dream then it means that you are going to progress in the coming days , if you shift to another house in your dream then it means that in the coming days you will get a new one. employment It is going to be received with a big package , in this way, if a house is seen being built in a dream, then it is an auspicious sign in every way.

If you see your decorated house in dream 

Friends, we mostly ignore this dream because it looks very beautiful to dream because it is real life, we decorate our house only when there is a happy atmosphere in our house or there is a wedding, naming , or birthday party. Only then we decorate our house, thus we do not investigate this type of dream much because we feel happy after seeing this dream, but when someone bad When the dream comes, then we search on the net about that dream because we think that we do not know what is going to happen to me, but it is not necessary that the dream which we like has a good meaning. Good yes ,

Similarly, if we see our house being decorated in a dream, then this dream shows an inauspicious sign for us, this SP tells that there is going to be a bad time in your life, due to which you will have a very big time in the coming time. Harm You may have to bear this loss, it can be financial or physical or both can happen together, then you should be very careful after this type of dream, otherwise you will have to suffer to some extent, it will be difficult to even guess.

To avoid the effects of such bad dreams or to reduce these effects, it will be good for you only if you avoid any debate and stay away from the place of fighting riots , along with this you should also control your speech. controlled Have to keep it because it will break the relationship for you.

Dream about entrance gate of your old house 

You have a dream that you go to your old village and as soon as you go to the village, you see the old gate of your house, that too shabby In the condition and there is a big lock above it, then this dream signifies an inauspicious sign for you that in the coming days everyone will be in your life. Success The doors are about to be closed and whatever work you have started is going to be closed, that is, every path of success is going to be closed.

Apart from this, if you see a big door of your house opening, then this dream indicates that you will get amazing success in future. Success It means that even the most difficult work will become easy for you , the door of every success will open for you.

Burning house in a dream meaning

Friends the way it looks The real meaning is not at all like in that scene , you dream that you have worked hard day and night to complete the house that you have spent your life to build. Memories is connected ,

If this house burns in a dream If you see it happen, then your sleep is lost and you are definitely the person of this dream. You will get drowned in worry about , if you see decorated in a dream then you will worry about it. You will not do it when a decorated house gives inauspicious signs for you.

If in a dream you see your house burning, then this dream indicates a good sign for you. newly married And so this dream indicates that in the coming days you will have sarvaguna thriving children is about to be received , if you Single and you have this dream, it means that you will soon have your spouse I am going to meet you who will do a lot for you.

If in a dream you see the entrance of your house burning, then this dream indicates that the person whom you are giving too much to you, is giving you some kind of protection. Will not harm , that is, this dream also indicates to remove your fear.

If you see burning of your ancestral village in such a dream, it means that you are going to get poverty in the coming days i.e. you will not get any money. untoward may be victims of.

If you see big house in your dream

If you see a very big house in your dream, then this is a dream, then this dream shows a very auspicious sign for you. This dream indicates that you want to make great changes in your life and your wishes are very much. is big ie you You are not at all happy with the kind of life you are currently living, you have put a lot of thinking in your life ,

Thus your dream aspirations It shows that you are going to do a big job soon in your life, about which you topic of discussion You will become

Building a new house in a dream ?

friends you are new in mind buy house The dream of the house is decorated and during this time you see a new house in your dream again and again, then it does not make any sense because at this time the basis of the dream becomes something else. That when you are thinking about only one thing, then because of this you get this type of dream ,

But when you are not thinking about a new house at all, nor do you have any relation with any new house, then at this time if you see a new house or a new house in your dream, then this dream is for you. Good It is believed that this dream tells that some financial situation is going to change in your life. Positive Or it can be of both types, it cannot be said, it depends on your situation.

Seeing rows of house in dream

If you dream of houses If you see a long queue, then this dream is considered a good sign for you. Indicates the increase in your prosperity that in future you will get immense wealth. The wealth that you already have is going to increase manifold.

Along with this, if you also tell your satisfaction that you are in your life Satisfied There is no greed in your mind without work, because of this there is spiritual peace in your mind, which is available to the same person who controls his mind, if your mind is more distracted and your mind has no peace at all and If you have this type of dream, then you should keep in mind that this dream is a kind of sign for your peace of mind that if you want peace of mind in your life then give up greed. Spiritual Move towards knowledge.

If you have seen the rows of a new house, then its meaning can be very bad that till today the hard work you have earned pair It will end gradually and you will come to the position of poor.

Queue of store in dream meaning

These types of dreams are popular and shopkeepers A lot of people come and this dream is considered very auspicious for them, this dream indicates an increase in your wealth , if you are a businessman and this type of dream comes, then it is beneficial for your business. progress It is a sign that your business is going to run manifold , the investment that you had made is going to get you along with all the earnings ,

If you want your business If you want to give a boost, then it shows the auspicious time for you, you can start your business. If you can make new changes, you will definitely get the benefit of those changes.

Your house flying in dream meaning

In the dream you see that you are in your house sitting down If you are flying, you have a feeling of flying in the air, then according to the scriptures, this dream shows the sum of foreign travel in your life that you will be a future foreign trip either business trip But you are going to go , which is going to benefit you a lot.

If you travel as long The more profit you will get , if you fly in the air If all of a sudden falls, then it shows the loss in business for you. That your business is going to collapse suddenly.Seeing multi-storey house in dream, See tower in dream

You are a common person and you know that today you cannot build a multi-storey building soon, but what comes of the dream , you see that you see that you are constructing a multi-storey building for yourself , in which Put all the things of all types of western civilization such as a large field of green bara dub , swimming pool , fountains, terrace of glasses , to stick on multi-storey building lift light , thus all the amenities multi-storey If you look at the building,

then this dream indicates that your future dreams will come true, that is, whatever dreams you see in your life, they are going to be fulfilled through some medium .You know I don’t have that much money that I can’t afford building I can make it but your dream will come true through some other medium.

Dreaming of open door house meaning

You have your own house in a dream It is visible which is really green and there is happiness all around in it. The whole family is complete and there are more than a dozen people in it and you have Never locked that house in real life , but in dreams when you have to The house is visible, when you reach the gate of the house, you see that the door of your house is visible. I have got a big lock on the gate that too in a dilapidated condition.

in a dream open door good luck Whereas the closed door indicates the inauspicious time, that an inauspicious time is about to enter your life, it shows the loss in your life that there is going to be a big loss in your business in the coming time or you The thing or your company is about to catch fire, due to which you can be completely ruined.

If you are a small businessman or you are someone government or non-government organizations and you have to face this type of dream, then it means that your job is in danger in the coming time , in this situation you have to avoid small mistakes because these mistakes are small in appearance. But later on these mistakes will take a very big form, due to which you can get a big financial loss.

Dream about house lock broken

If in a dream you see the door latch breaking while closing the door of your house or if you see the latch of your old house broken or the lock broken in your dream, then it is a sign of physical injury in your life. Indicates , in this way, this dream also warns you that you should complete any work in your upcoming days. Security do it with  trouble can be avoided.

Along with this your dream It also indicates the deterioration of work that if you do every work with the advice of ten people then In this way your work will be spoiled, you should take advice from the one who specializes in the work. Yes , and try to do every work with your understanding as much as possible.

Dream about broken window glass of your house 

If glass is seen in our dream, then it is considered an auspicious sign for us that you are going to get a lot of money in the coming two and your health is also going to be fine , apart from this, if you dream about your house in the dream. broken window panes If you give then you will face many problems in your future. You may have to do that parasaniya can be physical , mental and financial , if you see furniture in your dream, then it is considered to be lucky for you.

Dream of locking a gate

In the dream you see your house and when you reach near the house, you see that there is a black colored lock in your house. Intact But if the door latch is uprooted, then this dream shows the failure of your friend that a dear friend of yours is going to be a victim of some big mistake, which is going to spoil his made-up work and even if you want, your friend is going to suffer. nuisance from Outside Can get a new one.

Hear the doorbell in dream

In a dream you see that someone goes to your house after ringing the bell and you cannot see that person, but you definitely hear the sound of that bell, that sound sounds very melodious, then this dream is for you. occupation in Benefit Delivering indicates that you are going to get benefits soon , if you are not a businessman and this dream comes then it means that suddenly you are going to get unwanted benefits i.e. the profit you had not expected , if you have now If you have just started a new business, then this dream indicates progress in your business.

Dream about balcony in dream meaning 

If you see the balcony of your house in your dream then this dream lucky cue Indicates that something untoward will happen to you in the coming days.  That is, you may have to be a victim of an accident , in which the house may collapse, fall from a high building, collide with a car , or get hurt by a sharp weapon, etc.

Built a  new house dream meaning

It is the dream of every person that he has a house of his own because his own house is his own house, which has its own feelings, you must have ever seen someone selling a house, especially the elders , the grief of selling the house the most. happens because of his elders in that house feeling So if he sells his house, then all his memories are refreshed, due to which he feels very sad.

It is considered a very auspicious sign to see your house being built in a dream, it is believed that your luck is about to wake up, you have faced hardships to win or you have spent days in misery, now all your sorrows will go away and now in the coming days a happy life are going to live. in a dream if we If you see the house selling, then this dream is completely opposite, this dream shows that You are going to get rid of sorrows in the coming days.

Watching carpenter at house in dream meaning

In your dream you are building new houses and the house is not ready yet, you have surrounded your doors.  If you see the elder in the house to get the windows made, then you see that the elder is peeling the wood, then it means that all the problems going on in your life are going to end, due to which you have to economic benefits is about to be found , if you see a wooden cabinet, then it indicates to you to be more alert, someone with you is your friend treason Is going to do .

Dream about old house roof in dream

If in a dream you see the roof of your house or you are walking on the roof of your house, then this  The dream is related to your friend, this dream indicates that in future you will have someone of your own. friend annoying is ,

If in a dream you have a lot of roof If it is seen in a dirty state, it means that you will have a friend in the coming time. Will support you and support you in ending the problems going on in your life Will give

Cement on the ceiling in the dream If it appears scattered then it means that some important event in your life is about to happen whose effect will be positive or negative said something about it Can’t go.

Dream of fire burning house

Some user wrote to me that sir my name is pawan zoia, my village is khasoli, i live in bhiwadi alwar for the whole night 12 baja I saw in my dream that there is a buffalo fire in my house, while in the morning I asked my family members and they came to know that everything is fine, so what is the meaning of this dream ?

Ans Pawan ji it means that you are not feeling comfortable with yourself, as well as you are hiding the feelings of your mind, you are not giving your anger to anyone, it means that you have something from your family members. you are hiding your Pain Want to keep it to yourself

So Pawan ji, share your feelings with your friends or your family members, so that your mind may be less , if you tell your feelings to a colleague, then you will feel very comfortable. .

Dream of house being robbed

If you see in the dream that someone robs the house in which you are living, then this dream indicates to stop bad habits in your life, it warns you that you have bad habit inside you. And along with this it also indicates that you are negative and illegal in your life. aspects Will be able to enjoy it for some time.

According to local folk tales If you are involved in the robbery of the house in your dream, it means that you Struggling to move on in life.

What does a haunted house in a dream mean

In a dream, you turn your house into a ruin of ghosts or you see the abode of ghosts in the house where you live, when you see that ghosts live in your house instead of you, then this dream is of your childhood. suppressed feelings So you need to come out of these memories to come out of these dreams. Thus in your dreams If you see the entry of ghosts in the house, it means that your past has caught you. has kept.

To see your Renew house being built in a dream

Friends, if you see the construction work of your house in your dream, then it shows some changes and good improvements in your life that you are going to improve your present life , and thus change your personality or against bad habits Maybe those habits which had held a big hold in your life, thus this dream indicates good improvements in your present life.

House falling down in dream 

in dreams you see that If your houses are falling, then this dream will bring bad situation and bad luck in your near future. of conditions  going to face and In this way, this dream tells itself to prepare itself to fight with great trouble. indicates ,

Along with this, this dream also warns that you have to give more time to face your problems and problems. Bravery going to need So these kinds of dreams To avoid the effects, you have to overcome every problem that comes in your life. You should keep moving towards your goal in life and give up negative feelings. Should give. 

If someone occupies your house then if someone occupies your house

You see in your dream that some man is living in your house for a long time and gradually that man occupied your house and tries to drive you out of the house. threat If given, this type of dream shows that you may have to face temporary relationships nearby in your ongoing life.

Once I had a similar dream in which I had seen that someone has forcibly occupied my house and I tried a lot to get rid of that house but could not get rid of it from the hands of the enemy , this dream was for me at that time. came when my work stop at all Then I went to take care of myself skill That’s when my business started going back.

Friends, this dream shows that you are very big. troubles If you are passing through, then this is your chance to handle it, otherwise you will never be able to rise above in life.

Losing a new house in dream meaning 

In the dream you see that during the night you came to your city from some trip and you are looking for your home but you are not getting your home, you are wandering on the same place again and again on the road this dream little for you Inauspicious It is believed that you are going to lose your self-confidence in the future, due to which you will not be able to help even a small task without any help , because there is so much inside you. believedWill not be saved because you will be afraid of every work that I will not be able to do this work.

See house underwater in dream

Friends, if you see your house under water, then this dream is considered a very auspicious sign for you that you are much more than your present life. happy And you do not have any kind of greed, greed or any hatred towards anyone, everything is in order in your life , you do not need to do it from here to there, neither you need to change any other person There is no need to change yourself, you are absolutely happy in your life , yet greed comes in your mind, then it means that you need to control yourself because if your mind control Otherwise, all your peace of mind will be lost.

Along with this, this dream indicates that you are going to make a new way for yourself in the coming days, which will be completely selfless If you are doing work related to studies , then it means that the dream of your career is going to be fulfilled.

Dirty house in dream meaning 

The house you are living in is the house you see in your dream, which is really beautiful and clean, but in the dream, you see this house very dirty that there are heaps of garbage in your house. And the drains outside the house are smelling badly and the roof and walls of your house are completely dirty. dust filled in.

So this dream is your feelings Indicates that a friend of yours will hurt you a lot with bitter words and arrows. Can cause major injury, that is, say something that is related to your past. But you can’t bear that sarcasm ,

So this dream is a warning If such a situation comes in your life from which you do not want to break, you should speak bitterly. Have to drink that sip and keep moving forward in your life.

Cleaning the house in dream

This dream shows that bad things are going to end in your life i.e. you are going to get rid of all negative forces, apart from this you bring many people for cleaning and they clean your house. And you make the house shine completely, friends, in this way you see that it is very difficult to dream Good but the meaning of this dream Absolutely The opposite happens, this dream comes from your home. peace and harmony And Funds Indicates exit.

See a house without wall

If you see in your dream that you have a house but there is a lack of walls in that house, that is, there is no roof in any room, there is no gate and windows in any room and if someone is standing on only four pillars, then this dream will come in your life. lack of privacy It shows that you cannot hide anything even if you want to and because of which someone else takes advantage of your plan , you work hard and someone else is earning money by stealing your idea, thus you have to pay for your hard work. Not getting fruit.

Dream about old empty house 

your family in real life giant family Live in and your family is always green Your family is never alone When you enter your house in your dream you see that there is no one in your house You see a completely empty house and empty courtyard So this dream shows your emptiness that you are feeling a kind of emptiness in your life, you feel that you have some emptiness in life. leave alone Went.

you have these kinds of dreams can make you depressed and to get rid of all these worries these depression You have to avoid the worries of dreams because these worries will not make you move forward in life. Will give

Dream house falling down

friends dream you If you see your fallen house or the debris of your house, then this dream is auspicious for you. It does not indicate that this dream shows a negative event happening in your family. is that something bad is going to happen in your life ,

if the dreamer or If you are married, it means that you are going to get divorced in the coming days , and No, if a young man sees a dream, it means that your love bond is going to break . With this your dream Indicates change in life and lack of money.

Cottage in dream meaning

If you see a cottage or a hut made of grass in your dream, then this dream shows the financial crisis coming on you that in the coming time you will have some financial problems. Problem is about to come, during which whatever wealth you have is now destroyed is going to happen.

Buying a new house in dream meaning

If you dream of buying a new house, then it means that you are working hard to earn money in your life, this dream acts as an incentive for you that you should work hard in your life, which you should work hard in your life. of life true bliss will be able to take

In another meaning, this dream also tells that you are going to make a big mistake in your life, for which you will have to bear the consequences soon and even after wishing you can make that mistake. improvement Will not be able

Dream about hidden house 

friends mostly like this From the scene we get to see in the movies that behind a large wall there is a huge The room is hidden which can be opened by a secret button if you also want to watch movies. If you find any hidden room behind the wall in your old house, then this dream Shows hidden feelings in your mind that you have a lot of attachment to old things. Because feelings are hidden in old things , thus if secret doors If you find a river , forest , mountain , or desert behind, then this dream reflects the deaf environment. It is that in the coming days you can go on a foreign luxurious trip, in which you gonna enjoy.

Someone in your dream expels you from your home

We see in a dream that someone throws you out of your house and someone throws you on the road, especially as it is seen that people do not want to keep old parents with them, due to which they are tortured and they are taken to their own home. make you homeless from Homeless The dream of being makes you feel difficult in life that you may have to live without a home in the coming days.

Throws you out of the house without sleeper in your dream, it means that you need to focus on your career and personal life.  By walking in life, you will not do anything new yourself, till then the mountain of troubles will not end from above you.

Friends, today we talked about dreams about old houses, we saw that seeing a house in a dream is not only an auspicious sign, it is also an inauspicious sign, so friends, today’s post is how different you see your house in a dream, tell us by commenting If you liked this post, then tell your true friends about this post so that they too can easily face even the worst of nightmares.

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