What does moon mean in dream Hindu? 2024

45 Moon Dream Meaning Interpretation Islam and Hindu, moon-in-dream-meaning-Moon represents the emotional side in human nature and the female side includes human intuition, love, romance and psychology. The hanging or dangling moon indicates negative forces, darkness and confusion in one’s personality. Apart from this, the moon represents motherhood or femininity. It is also considered a sign, the moon is of great importance for lovers.

Friends, according to Hinduism, the moon is considered a deity and according to Vedic religion, the moon god is identified with Soma, which means handsome young, Gaur , is described as bi-armed. The moon god has a lotus in one hand and one hand . He keeps a roams the whole night in the sky with his chariot attached to white horses or antelope.

In religion, many types of analogies are also given to the moon, when small children call the moon as Chanda Mama and Hindu women see their honeymoon in the moon, according to the scriptures, if a woman sees the moon , then the age of her honeymoon. It is long and its beauty and brightness remains like the moon.

And unmarried girls look at the moon and wish for a beautiful groom and pray to the moon god that we also get a beautiful, bright, luminous, and powerful groom like the moon.

What does moon mean in dream Hindu

Friends, we know that a full and absolutely white moon is seen only on the day of the full moon, on that day it turns the night into a daylight with its light.

If in a dream we see that we are standing on the roof of our house and it is night time and we see that there is very pleasant weather in the night and the night feels like the atmosphere of the day, then this dream is very auspicious for us. It is believed that this dream tells that in the coming days, we are going to get white money, that is, we are going to get the fruits of our honesty and hard work .

If the white moon is passing over your head, then it means that in the coming days your prestige and prestige are also going to increase due to which your fame will spread far and wide. 

Dream about broken moon Hindusm

Friends, we see in our dreams that the moon is absolutely round, but it is broken into two parts, if there is a black-black crack between the moon and it seems as if something is filled between these cracks. This dream is not considered a good sign for you, this dream indicates that soon your

If you see a broken half-black moon in your dream, then it means that you are going to suffer from this type of disease, which is hardly possible to cure, that is, you are going to take such a disease in your arms, due to which your half. The body will stop working, just as half the moon turns black, in the same way half of your body will become useless .

What does moon mean in dream Hindu? 2024

If a passerby sees this dream, suppose you are going on a long journey and your eyes get stuck on your way and in your sleep you see that the moon has become two pieces, then it means that his journey will not be successful, you The work you are going for is not going to be done.

Seeing quad moon  in dream in Hindu 

Seeing the moon of Choth and the moon of Karva Choth has different meanings, only if we see the moon of Choth, then this dream gives inauspicious signs for us, apart from this, if we see the fast of Karva Choth in the dream, then this dream is very important for us. It is considered auspicious and beneficial.

Whether a woman or a man sees the moon of Karva Choth in a dream, but friends, no one knows that this moon is not of Choth, the moon which will appear golden and yellow in color and big size will be the moon of Choth,

If you see this moon in your dream, then it means that soon there will be some big trouble with your life.

It is coming and due to which you can get separated from your life.

Two friends, such a bad dream, you should get Lord Satyanarayan recited on you, which will end every trouble on your partner.

Seeing moon on the beach Hindu

If you see in the dream that the moon is rising and if you look at the moon, then you see that there is a beach of the sea from where the moon is emerging, then this dream reveals your good fortune that soon your luck is going to wake up. And your whole family is going to tie the knot.

Seeing karwa choth moon in dream meaning in Hindu

Friends, if you see the moon of Choth and Karva Choth, then you will find it very difficult to guess that the meaning of this dream will be auspicious or inauspicious sign.

If you are a man and in your dream you see that many women are walking on the roof and looking at the moon rising from inside it and that moon looks golden yellow and very big then this dream is for that man. good for Indicates that this dream tells that his wealth is going to increase in the coming time and he is going to be garlanded with silver in the coming time.

For a married woman , this dream is considered to be no less than a boon, this dream has such a meaning that every woman wants, if a woman sees in a dream that she stands on the terrace and looks at her husband with the moon. This dream is considered a very auspicious sign for her, this dream indicates that you will be married for life, and your husband who used to love you less, now he will start loving you many times more .

If this dream is seen by an unmarried girl , then it also gives a good sign for her that in the coming time you are going to get more money according to your wish .

Seeing a lunar eclipse in a dream Hindusm

Friends, according to religious texts, a lunar eclipse occurs when the effect of evil on the moon increases, but due to the goodness of the moon, the effect of black shadow on it remains for some time and the black shadow is removed.

It is also a belief in many villages that when there is a debt on the moon, many evil forces surround it to recover that debt. We know that an eclipse is considered a sign of negative forces .

In the dream we see that we are sitting in the courtyard of the house and the stars are twinkling in the sky and the moon is spreading its moonlight on the earth and suddenly the moon is covered with black clouds and it becomes so dark all around that we can hold our hands. If it is not visible till then, this dream is an inauspicious sign for our mother, this dream shows that soon our mother’s health is going to deteriorate, maybe you will have to separate from your mother .

So friends, when this type of dream comes, you should take special care of your mother, if there is any minor illness, then you should contact the doctor immediately.

If this dream comes to the person who believes in Allah , then it is not very inauspicious for him , this dream indicates that soon the health of his family officer is going to deteriorate, due to which your treatment may remain incomplete .

Seeing your face in the moon in a dream

Friends, seeing the moon in real life is considered a good sign , if we remember some days of our childhood, then we used to call the moon as Mama, and if we compare the beauty of someone, then we do that with the moon that has a beautiful face like the moon and many texts . It is shown in movies or in songs that when a wife’s husband goes to the state, then when she looks at the moon on a moonlit night, her husband’s face is seen in it, thus friends, the relationship between us and the moon is great. We are strong, even if we want, we can not fade this leak.

If we see the moon in the dream, then this dream indicates the receipt of white money for us and if we see someone’s face in the moon in the dream, then this dream is considered very inauspicious for us. Indicates that the person whom you see in the moon will die in the coming time .

To avoid such bad dreams or to reduce the effect of this dream, you should worship Lord Shiva and pray to him that God bless you so that the effect of Chandra friends can be reduced. 

Hanging on the moon in a dream

Friends, this type of dream does not suit a child studying science , he says how can a person hang from the moon because the moon is very big, but let me tell friends, anything can happen in the dream world, in the dream you see the moon small. Lets say you have climbed on the moon and when you try to take down from the moon, you are about to fall down from the moon by sliding, then you only touch the edge of the moon, thus you are hanging on the last corner of the moon If you go, this dream indicates to be your parmesans that in the field in which you are working, your boss is going to be happy with your work and increase your salary.

If you are living a life of poverty and you get this dream then it means that soon your poverty is going to end. In this way, if you fall down on the moon, it means that you will lose the wealth in your hands . 

Seeing the moon turn dark in the dream

We know that in a week the moon becomes brighter than black and thus increases its light, thus then the light gradually changes to darkness but this process is repeated gradually.

We see in the dream that a bright round moon suddenly changes inside the black moon and there is darkness all around, then this dream does not give a good sign for you, it indicates that in the coming future. You are going to suffer a great loss , no matter how well you car for your family members, but he will only deceive you and will not understand the value of your well being .

If you are on a big business, then this dream will become a matter of concern for you that in no time your employees or your public is going to give you a big deception. Your people will treat you badly .

Seeing two full moons in dream

Friends, in your dream you see two moons in two directions that one moon is seen rising in the descending direction and the other moon is seen rising in the south direction, then this dream gives a warning sign for you that you cannot decide this in your life. Finding which path you have to go, that is, in which direction you have to go, you are going to get caught in this harmony that which path you have to choose, out of these there are two paths one is to success and the other is to failure. Two friends, to avoid this type of dream, you need to use your own discretion.

Seeing half moon in dream

If you see that half moon is visible in your dream, then this dream gives a congratulatory message to you, this dream indicates that you are going on the right path in your life and you will not face any kind of problem on this path. You are going to become a very big man in the future.

If the moon is of black color then it means that you will have to work very hard to be successful, if the half moon of white color is seen then it means that you will not have to work hard to be successful. Will help a lot. 

Explosion of moon in dream

In the dream you are looking at the white colored moon and suddenly the moon turns red and there is an explosion inside the moon and the moon explodes, then this dream means that something is going to happen in your life which is impractical . Will happen.

With this, if the moon explodes causing fire, then it means that in the long run your quiet matters are going to be exposed again which can put you in trouble.

Bathing in moon light in dream

You are sitting in a garden and suddenly the electricity goes out and the moonlight is so bright, then you feel as if you are taking a bath in the moonlight, then this type of dream means that you are romantic in your life. You are not able to see things, you are looking for happiness far and wide, whereas real happiness is already with you.

So friends, this dream wants to make you realize that you should enjoy the happiness that you have because the thing which looks beautiful and good from a distance is not necessarily good.

To touch moon in dream meaning 

Friends, in dreams, you see your height very big and the moon looks very small in front of you and if you feel that you can touch the moon with your hands, then this dream is considered a good sign for you that in the coming days. You will have to face troubles, but you will not compromise with any trouble and you will be able to face these troubles easily.

Along with this, if you touch the moon with your hands in your dream, then it means that you are very near to success, you can get happy news anytime.

Flying on moon in dream, Flying on moon in dream 

In a dream you travel to the moon and you see that after you go over the moon, your feet do not stay on the moon’s ground and you feel in the dream that you are flying in the air, then this dream is for you. prompts to make some suggestions. There are many responsibilities on you, but you are trying to avoid your responsibilities because of fulfilling your responsibilities.

If you see yourself as a balloon on the moon, it means that you will soon become arrogant and because of which you will lose all your achievements.

Seeing full moon in dream Hindu

If an unmarried woman sees the full moon moon in her dream, then this dream gives a very auspicious sign for that woman . Will come as a surprise .

If a man sees this dream, then it means that you are soon going to be tied in a romantic relationship, that is, your relationship will be successful, if any kind of problems come, then it is going to end.

If you are a businessman and you see the full moon moon in your dream, then you will soon get success in your business . 

Seeing big moon in dream, Dreaming of big moon 

Friends, in a normal situation, the moon appears to us in almost a winning size, if you do not see the moon in that size in your dream, you see a moon many times bigger than that, then this dream indicates the end of your romantic relationships. In the coming time, there may be a fight between your family and you regarding your love , due to which love related problems may arise in your life.

If the growing moon is constantly moving towards you, then it means that in the coming time you are going to fall alone, all your relatives will leave you and and you will have to spend your life alone as a child. 

Rising moon in dream, Dream about rising moon 

Friends, young moon means that as long as there is something yellow inside the moon and when it rises, the color of the clouds there becomes saffron, then it is called young or young moon, many times on the day of Karva Choth, many women say that Friends, have a quick sight of the moon of Karwa Choth, otherwise the moon will get old .

So friends, this dream gives a good sign for you, this dream tells that you are soon going to walk on the path of progress, that is , your development is sure and you do not need much age to be successful, you are very young. He is the collector of material wealth.

It means to say that you are going to get some big government more than your success in the coming days, which will change the picture of not only you but your entire family and you will live a happy life. 

Taking with moon in dream

If you are a woman and you are talking to the moon in your dream and you are talking about the time to come, then this dream gives a favorable sign for you, this dream tells that in the coming time you will meet such a person . It is going to happen that meeting you will change your destiny .

If the moon and you are having a long meeting, then it means that you are going to give birth to a serious relationship which will later turn into marriage, and this relationship will last your whole life .

Dream about blood red moon 

If in your dream you see a moon as a dark red color, it means that there may be a civil war around you and it signifies the possibility of getting caught in the crossfire with weaponry that if any police or someone Somebody will come to catch the man.  will take you by mistake.

If a woman sees this dream, then this dream shows an inauspicious sign for her that you can end the relationship between husband and wife and thus after your relationship ends, you will become each other’s known enemy. 

Seeing dark spots in the moon in dreams

According to many old legends, the moon god was proud of his fair face, so he also got the curse that it will not be the same all the time and there will be stains on your face and your light will not be the same all the time.

So friends, this type of dream gives an inauspicious sign for you, this dream indicates that in a short time some natural disaster is going to come, in which storm, landslide, torrential rain, fire, lightning fall in this way in these disasters. Only a few can come to your village, so this dream warns you first that you should do your jogging in advance and make arrangements to sleep after eating and drinking your dice.

Dreaming of the shadow of the moon in the water

If you see in a dream that you are going somewhere and on the way you see a lot of water collected and you do not see the reflection of anyone else in the night, only the image of the moon is visible, then it means that soon It is only going to ruin all your hopes and in the coming days all your hopes are going to be dashed .

If you see the shadow of the moon in the wavy water in your dream, it means that your life is going to have very quick ups and downs during which many of your fake friends will pretend to try to help you but will not help .

If you try to see the moon in the water and you do not see anything, then it means that someone can give you a big risk to protect your interests. 

If you see moonlight in water

 If you see in the dream that the light of the moon is falling in a straight line at one place, then this dream shows an auspicious sign for you that this dream tells that soon you will have fun with your friends or with your family. You can go on a trip.

And the upcoming trip will be so much fun that you will never be able to forget this trip in your lifetime.

If the light of the moon is falling on the same house, then it means that you will go on a trip but not with your family members, but with your co- worker or your business associates, or your employees on any financially beneficial journey. Can go but there will be no enjoyment in that trip at all.।

Hidden moon in dream meaning

Friends, in a dream you are sleeping on your terrace and the moon is watching you alternately from the dark clouds and you feel that the moon is watching you secretly, then this dream serves as a warning to you. This dream indicates that soon a member of your family is going to become seriously ill .

Horror moon in dream

In a dream you are passing through a forest on a dark night and you have a new moon night on that day i.e. the moon is not visible at all, but in the forest that moon is sometimes visible in the south direction. It comes i.e. tries to devour you from its evil eye and when you are about to do it on the forest, it comes in its real form, then you come to know that it is not a moon, it is a devil , then friends This type of dream is completely opposite to the visible scene because this dream does not give any inauspicious sign, this dream gives auspicious signs for you.

There will be happiness in your life, your relationships will become strong, and you will have the blessings of all the deities, and all the family members to love you very much .

if you see burning moon 

Seeing a burning moon is not considered as an inauspicious sign for you, according to astrology, if you yourself see the moon burning in the fire in your dream, then this dream is considered a beneficial dream for you, this dream will make your life happy . Can make this dream tells that in the coming days you are going to get hidden happiness, due to which your long unfulfilled wish is going to be fulfilled.

Suddenly disappear moon in dream meaning 

Friends, if your moon gradually disappears, then you should be very careful about this dream, if any of your family members work in any company or are working in the field, then call them as soon as possible. It should be informed because this dream shows an accident with any member of your family, that is, this dream is giving you a chance to recover as a warning .

Seeing moon in dream by pregnant women 

If a pregnant woman is dreaming about the moon in a dream, then this dream tells that you are going to give birth to a child soon, with this your partner is going to love you less because he will give all his love to your child . But he’s going to rob.

So friends, you should get tested in this situation through ultrasound so that the reality of your dream can be known. 

Dreaming of the moon on your head

If a woman is singing in a dream and is putting a moon pen in her hair, then this dream is considered a very auspicious sign for that woman, this dream shows the marriage of that woman.

That you are going to tie the knot soon and your husband will be brave and fulfill all your needs which were unfulfilled before your marriage and no good man like your husband will be found in this city.

With this, if you wear a moon locket or embrace the moon, then this dream indicates to remove many of your problems like-

end of battle

eradication of poverty

To be treated for a dreaded disease.

Seeing moon in bed weather

I see in the dream that the weather is getting very bad, there is storm and heavy rain, so even in such bad weather, the moon keeps its moonlight continuously, then this dream shows an inauspicious sign for you that you have to do something. After a few days, you may have to face dissatisfaction.

If this dream is seen by a rich man, then that dream shows a huge loss for that man that he is going to suffer financial loss in the coming days and it will not be able to be compensated by any loan.

While the full moon is visible to you in a storm and that too with its full brightness, then this dream also gives some auspicious signs for you that your friends will support you even in your difficult times. 

Seeing the breaking of moon and stars in dreams

Friends, if you see stars breaking with half moon in your dream, then this dream reminds you of your passing mother that your mother is with you even after being away from you, her kindness will remain with you forever, if the stars break and fall behind the moon. If it gets absorbed in the broken part, it means that your positive effect is decreasing continuously and negative effect is slowly taking you into the fire .

Hitting moon with sun dream meaning 

Friends, many times we see that many big stitches collide with each other in the universe , but the moon never hits the sun, if it collides, then the whole earth will be destroyed, but friends, if the moon and the sun collide in a dream. So this dream gives a bad sign for you, this dream tells the fact that you are going through a tragedy that has happened in your life, and you are blaming God for whatever has happened to you in the past. You have to understand the root of your trouble by not blaming God and you will have to eliminate the root of your trouble, then you will be able to recover from this trouble.

If you see that the sun and the moon pass very close to each other but they keep colliding with each other, then this dream means that you are getting tired by remembering your past days because that day is yours. There were most sad days, so this dream tells you that if you want to be happy then do not miss your sad two too much. 

Bright moon in dream meaning

Friends, you eat near your house in a dream and you see the moon from inside the leaves of the tree that today the moon looks very bright compared to the brightness and days, from inside the tree the moon looks completely white and bright. This dream gives you a bad sign that you may have to face fights in the coming days.

If the bright moon is following you, then it means that you may have a big misunderstanding or you are soon going to be a victim of a big misunderstanding, due to which you are going to suffer a lot.

Falling moon in dream

Friends, if you see stars, meteors or moon falling from the sky in your dream, then understand that you are very lucky because this dream shows a very auspicious sign for you that in the coming time all the wishes of your heart will be fulfilled. And if your fortunes are going bad and you see the breaking of the moon in your dream, then it means that your luck is about to wake up, that is, your luck is going to support you, that is, you are going to get more than expected.

You will get many opportunities in your life, whichever opportunity you choose, you will get benefit from that opportunity.

If a moon fall on your head 

If the moon falls on you in a dream and you die due to this, then this dream brings a message of happiness to you, this dream represents the journey of enlightenment and happiness that you are going to get happiness like heaven.

If you get injured due to the fall of the moon, it means that your present existence is full of self-doubt and insecurities but soon you will undergo a positive change which will bring you a lot of benefits and will take you to the higher seventies of progress. 

Dream about half moon 

After the full moon in the dream, you see many crescent moons blooming in the sky, then this dream shows both your success and failure , this dream will take you on the path decided by you, the thing you have expressed your desire will soon your wish will come true

If many moons are twinkling again and again, it means that soon all your happiness is going to be destroyed.

Seeing moon and sun together in dream

Friends, in the dream, you see that both the moon and the sun are visible together and the surprising thing with this is that both of them are visible during the day, then this dream shows the beginning of your romantic life that in the coming time . You are about to tie the knot in a romantic relationship, which will give you a lot of love and this will be one of the most beautiful moments of life, which will be remembered forever .

Worshiping the Moon in a Dream by Hindu 

If you are worshiping the moon in your dream, then this dream shows your passion that your passion is going to decline in the coming time, if you give more importance to something than the need, then that thing will break your spirits and your life. Will cause great damage.

Similarly, if we worship the idol of Moon God in a dream, then this dream is considered to end bad habits for you, this dream tells that soon the jealousy growing in your mind will end and your mind will be completely Will be calm and comfortable. 

Dream about shitting moon 

If you see a moving moon in your dream, it means that soon your intellect is going to develop and you are going to reach a high position on the strength of your intelligence.

If you are a student and you have seen the moon in your dream, then it means that soon your mind will run faster and you will also get positive results of the exam you are preparing for . 

If the moon is moving ahead of you, then it means that in the coming days you are going to become a great person in the eyes of your teacher or your boss. 

Many things related to the chandra dev (Spiritual Hindu)

1 Moon is called Soma .

2 Moon’s father is Rishi Atri and his mother’s name is Anusuya .

3 The planet Mercury is the son of Moon, which was received from Rohini , the wife of Moon.

4 Chandmaa has sixteen Kalayas, among them Amrit, Manada, Flower, Pushti, Tushi, Dhruti, Shashni, Chandrika, Kanti, Jyotsana, Shri Preeti, Angada, Purna and Poornamrit. This is called Pratipada, Dooj, Ekadashi, Purnima etc. These are the arts in which the moon gradually increases and decreases.

5 Astrology has told the moon to control the mind, according to this which is the art of the moon, the mind of this can also be controlled and accordingly astrologers tell your future.

6 Chander god is considered to be one of the fourteen gems. When the ocean churning took place between the demons and the gods, Lord Shiva kept the moon god on his head . 

7 Once, seeing the ugly appearance of Ganesh ji, Chadar Dev became proud of himself and Chandra god made fun of Ganesha in the form of pride, then Ganesha cursed Chandradev that you too will not always be the same even above you. There will be a black shadow .

8 Moon’s brother’s name was Dattatreya who was later called Rishi Durvasa , and the first Guru of the Guru dynasty.

9 Moon had married 27 girls of  Prajapati Daksha, which are known as 27 girls, 27 constellations.

10. Chandra hates black things and has great love for white things, if we offer to the moon, then offer them only things made of milk, kheer, rice, peaches, then the moon god will be pleased with you.

11   Chandradev had established Somnath Jyotirlinga by doing deep penance of Lord Shiva and it comes in the first place among all the Jyotirlingas which was established Sarvapatham, this Somnath Jyotirling is located in Somnath region of Gujarat .

12 Moon is also called the god of water element .

Friends, today we learned about the dream of seeing the moon in a dream,45 Moon Dream Meaning Interpretation Islam and Hindu, moon-in-dream-meaning . Post How did you like seeing the moon in your dream, tell us by commenting, if you liked it, then share the link of this post with your friends and family members so that they can also know the true meaning of their dreams. If you have any kind of dream then write your dream in the comment box.

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