43 Illness Dream Interpretation, Dreams About Illness

 Illness Dream Interpretation, Dreams About Illness-If friends dream themselves If you see someone in a sick state, it does not mean that you are going to get sick. It has many meanings, in this post we will talk about the disease seen in the dream. I will talk if this post is for believers and non-believers , Hindu , Muslim , Sikh , Christian , Bodh , Persian , Christian . because in this post psychological facts told because Psychology , and science goes the same for all religions like Should be a Hindu or a Hindu Muslim to both Currant will be applied.

illness Dream Interpretation

in a dream disease It is not necessary to see in dreams that it is an inauspicious sign. depend on the type does that in dreams we What do you see, you see yourself or a family member or an unknown person and in what situation? If I see myself getting sick in a dream, it means that you You may have to face hardships and sorrows , if someone is unknown or If you see others sick, it means that you are suffering from sorrows. relief is going to be found , if there is fever in the dream Indicates increasing government pressure , the pain of the wound in the dream That is, one has to worry without any reason, thus many diseases in the dream Let’s talk about watching and seeing your status one one Know in detail –

Seeing myself cancer in dreams

Cancer Illness Dream Interpretationfriends we know Cancer is an incurable disease, its cure is not possible, it can only be prevented. That’s why when we go to the doctor, then the doctor does the treatment at his level. Which means that the patient’s disease ie cancer can be slowed down to some extent. The patient definitely dies in the end , the doctor also says that Keep it at home and serve it as much as possible, it will last for a long time. No guest.

When we get the name of this disease If we listen, then only death comes in our mind . We come to know that our death is certain ,talk dreams if we dream I dream of cancer disease  And we know when our eyes open suggests that God Thankfully it was not a reality, it was only a dream but this There is a kind of deep concern in our mind from the dream that is there anything wrong with me? So it’s not going to happen or it’s not going to happen bad luck or misfortune If there is no indication, then friends see the disease of cancer in the dream. There are many signs which are as follows –1 yourself in a dream you cancer If you are suffering from illness then this dream automatically Shows the care that you need to take care of yourself more in the coming life. Care need of Otherwise, you will soon be affected by negative energy.

2 If in a dream you see that man or that Woman sees someone suffering from cancer , whom you know very well, then this The dream also increases your anxiety, this dream tells that your friends or your the relative needs you Defense or help.the man you dream If you see suffering from cancer, it means that your affection towards that man is very much. More That’s why you are worrying about that man, then it means that you Worried about your dearest friend.3 You see in your dream some unknown person who If you are unhappy with the disease of cancer, then it means that you have some unknown person in your mind. may wish to help is it is your kind Mood It reflects .Cancer in my dream meaning, Myself cancer in dream meaning 

Suffering from cancer disease

43 Illness Dream Interpretation, Dreams About Illness

in the dream you If you are suffering from cancer disease, then this dream will bring negative and negative effects of your life. Positive effects It shows that there may be a gradually increasing problem in your house , friends, having cancer in many places in a dream also shows an auspicious sign i.e. If you are already suffering from any incurable disease then it means that in the coming days Yours disease Slowly it will end.

If you dream yourself It is clearly seen that cancer has gripped me in a very bad way, so how of cancer disease Slowly it takes a man towards death. There is something in your life that is eating you slowly, that is, your happiness. is clouded in weeds, that is, there is a single person or some reason which is in your life. All happiness is being destroyed and you are not realizing it because its The process is very slow.

Psychologist Freud says It is said that our body starts working according to what our mind thinks. We go when we hear the news of a disease like cancer throughout the day . So in our mind the fear of cancer is born and related to the same in our mind. Data gets accumulated and we have dreams related to the same subject.

if you have this kind of dream If it comes, it definitely gives some indication, analyze it and see that its What does it mean , if we have dreams of cancer again and again, then it is our affects the mind and real We start thinking of ourselves as cancer patients. And the thing that settles in the mind does not come out of our mind quickly. Because we get scared about that thing and we get sick in real life. If it happens , then in this situation you must get your investigation done. ,

Spiritual Guru Osso says It is that if we think deeply about something, then our mind will work accordingly. takes which disease You will give more space inside your mind. The disease will not affect you physically but will affect your mind mentally .

in my personal Let me share the experience that today the disease of corona is going on and I have corona in my mind. There is no fear at all because I don’t watch any such news. Because some kind of fear should arise in my mind i.e. negative in my mind. don’t let the thoughts come , and on the other side is my brother It is Nemichand who keeps watching Corona news outside the day and tells me that today Have become so infected today I have died so much, I say man, don’t ac news to me Show the one who instilled in me the fear of death ,

And in the mind of my brother Nemichand in corona Fear has set in and he finds himself in a patient In this way he has become a victim of mental illness. in a dream see sickness.

Dream about wound pain

in dreams you see that Some unknown person pushes you from behind and because of which you are on the road. If you fall and you get hurt on the knees, due to which you get a wound. This dream gives a good sign for you, auspicious because this dream is coming to you. warns that you should stay away from people around you who Yours the back by turning you back Harm reached up can.

With this if in your dream If there is a wound on which there is severe pain, then it indicates that You are carrying the burden of unnecessary in your life i.e. the thoughts which have no meaning That is, you are not related to you, worrying about them is unnecessary. Making you unhappy means you are imposing baseless thoughts on your mind.

Stomach pain in dream meaning  

in dreams you see that If for some reason your stomach is hurting badly, then you are getting louder due to pain. If you are crying because of this then this dream warns you that you will not face any problem in your life. kind of Work Think twice before doing it, otherwise You will have to bear the heavy consequences for this.

Along with this this dream It also tells the matter that you analyze yourself and See that you are not doing any such work which is a big danger to you or others. how do you put yourself in front of are representing .

Fever in a dream meaning Islam

you dream your body There is pain and when and your forehead is also getting very hot in your dream you want to get up Don’t even have the courage and your family members have camped around you when your family When the doctor was called, the doctor told that you have a very high fever.

So the meaning of the dream of getting this Refers to government pressure that in the coming days, there will be no bill by the government on you. passing by Pressure may come or implicate you in some illegal case Due to which you may have to bear the tyranny of the government ,

if you dream Doctor Fever is claimed and you are cured by that claim, then its It means that you are going to get some government benefit and the pressure of government work on you. going to decrease ,

If any section against you If any of your work is stuck in the court, then that too is likely to be solved. it shows.

Dream about swine flue

If you dream in a dream Diseases like swine flu , bird flu , corona , cholera , smallpox , leprosy , malaria etc. infection disease that originated from abroad If so, this type of disease indicates a change in our life that your life There may be positive or negative changes in

These dreams tell that the upcoming Some of your hopes and beliefs are going to change in the days, due to which you Any  depression You may become a victim of It’s only going to get worse.

good news with friends It is that this disease related to your diseases is going to be removed.

If someone unknown in a dream see man suffering from infectious disease and you hate that man So it means that you are trying to avoid yourself, you know that this is wrong. still your mind false Giving consolation.

If you headache in a dream

friends we know Even illness cannot be auspicious and we have been hearing a famous dialogue since childhood that First happy healthy body , disease is considered as the biggest problem for our life. Because of which we can never reach success.

but dream world Something is different because it is not necessary that what is auspicious in our real life is It’s good to see in the dream ,

how if in a dream we see that we head disease If you are suffering from this then this dream is a good sign for us. Gives this dream indicates the receipt of money, this dream gives such a person Whose money is stuck for many days, then your money comes to you back will get ,

In addition, head disease It also indicates to start something new in your life that in the coming days you will be able to a new life Beginning which is mainly an auspicious beginning Will be

Seeing yourself suffering from allergy allergy in dream meaning 

you see that in your dreams If you become allergic to touch-related diseases, this dream should be careful for you. shows the need to be that you should be careful about your life You should not tell the thoughts of your mind or the secret of your mind to a person who You are not worthy of your trust, you can only talk to that person in your mind or in your house. Must tell the secret that your surety confidant Yes , and do n’t let your fake and selfish friends enter your life. Let it do

If in a dream you are allergic If you take medicine and your allergy gets cured then it means that your friends Worrying about you and praying for your recovery and he is your true friend and You… Yourself friend You can tell the secrets of your heart.

lf you Vomiting dream meaning

if you do something bad Of Addiction has fallen and you see in your dreams that you If you are vomiting, then this dream is considered an auspicious sign for you, this dream tells that You should give up your bad addiction and this is an important time in your life when You have had this dream, it tells you to do something new in your life and Careful denotes going ,

i.e. vomiting in a dream It is considered an auspicious sign for us, this dream shows that you will be happy in your life. I am going to get away from negativity and moving towards positivity.

If you are government or non-government If you work on the post, then this dream is considered to bring good luck to you. It is believed that in the coming days your improvement Fixed And you are about to be installed on a higher post than your position. Along with this, this dream Indicates a good start to work.

Seeing illness by chicken pox

friends we know smallpox It is a contagious disease due to which red rash starts to appear on our body and After removing the red rash, our face gets spoiled and we are completely ugly. This is especially a skin-related disease.

this disease in our dreams If we get it or if we see ourselves suffering from smallpox, then this dream is for you. Good It is believed that this dream tells that in the coming days you will need money. is about to fall like you do a job or occupation is carried over a long period of time, his bonus or a You are going to get profit together.

Leprosy in dream meaning

Friends leprosy means Leprosy is a disease related to the skin and this 30th January is celebrated as the prevention of leprosy in India. In our India, there used to be many superstitions about leprosy that it was some divine outbreak. Whereas it is a skin related disease and it is caused by pollution and dirty water. The reason is that due to leprosy, the human body becomes like melting. Disorders also start happening which in our society looked at the leprosy patient with hatred. It is known that if this leprosy disease reaches our mouth or face, then the person is quite It looks scary, thus in many places people with leprosy are treated as a devil and even beating them up in the village. Let ‘s do it , friends, the disease of leprosy in our real life It is considered a very dirty disease ,

Let’s talk about dreams If you see yourself suffering from leprosy in a dream, you wake up choked and your hands And let’s see the feet whether I have really got leprosy , seeing as a leprosy patient in a dream indicates a feeling of fear. that you are very much afraid of something, along with this it will give you a lot in future. Big You may have to face loss, due to which your honor and dignity are all Going to be found in the soil means that your reputation shows the danger of being destroyed.

Alternatively this dream Indicates being associated with fear of bad reputation.

If you dream you have leprosy because of paralysis If done, it means that you are permanently If you are feeling neglected then you should take positive steps to reduce the effect of this dream. The side needs more attention.

If in a dream a woman or If a man gets leprosy in his hand or palm, then this dream is also a good sign. It shows that you are going to get money in the coming life.

Thus if you feet the leprosy If you see the victims of the disease, then it can be a good sign for you, this dream tells that In the coming days, you are going to go on a long journey, along with this this dream is a sign of separation , departure , and auspicious journey. gives .

If you dreamed of old disease 

in dreams you see that Some disease has held you in your claws for a long time and you have taken every doctor’s medicine. Take a look and see that no medicine is working and it is a little difficult to understand these types of dreams. It is difficult, this dream shows that you are tired of getting justice in your life. You are not getting justice and thus you are trying to make efforts in your life. If you have reduced, then this dream warns you that to be successful, you have to rely only on yourself. have faith and be persistent skill You don’t have to turn your back on doing hard work.

yes a special life for you There will be many trouble in me, but seeing the troubles, you should not spoil your attention. because if you put your attention on one place focused will do Only then will you be successful.

Seeing mental illness dream meaning

schizophrenic or psychotic means that you are afraid of losing something in your future or you not fully capable of thinking about something clearly This dream can indicate that you need to get rid of the fear in your life. There is a need to take advice of friends and family members and together with you in the society Afraid to tell the dream that you think society This Will accept it or not.

your brain in the dream If you do not know about the disease, then this disease is a mental and behavioral pattern. Which signals the personal activities of your daily life.

If you have a mental illness If you are a victim of illness and you see yourself as a victim of illness in a lazy dream. This type of dream shows that you want to move ahead in the upcoming life, there is no new less in your life. Want to do, due to which you name yourself and your family Illuminating Want to do , if in a dream you were suffering from depression If you see, it means that you need to take care of your family. You need the guidance of your friends to keep the family on the right path. Is.

If you dream of depression If you are afraid of fear, then it means that you have to worry about your daily life in future. There may be concern.

If scabies dream interpretation

If in a dream on your body Got a big acne  and the pimples are itchy If you go, it means that you are resolving the conflict between strangers , if you are a businessman and you have itching in your dream then it means that you are going to fall in the coming days and if you Competition going to participate in  And if you have to face this type of dream then it means That your defeat is certain. For a few days after the merchant had such dreams Money should not be invested in business because this is the time for the trader. Good Not there .

Acne in dream meaning

Friends of the Yellow Emperor According to the book, seeing a boil in a dream indicates a special type of disease. If you see a rash on your body in a dream, it means that you will have Many diseases are going to grip in days like

If in a dream you see your forehead But if you see acne, it means that you are going to suffer from heart disease in the coming days. If you have a rash on your right cheek, then its It means that you are going to have lung related disease , if you have some pimples in your dream then it means that If you have kidney related problems then check your kidney if you have such dreams. Should be done , if you have a boil or acne on the upper part So it means that in a few days you Abdomen There may be a disease related to it , if you see an unknown girl suffering from acne in your dream. It means that your relatives are going to condemn your behavior , and if you do it to some unknown person pimples from If you see suffering, it means that you will have to face very sad consequences in the coming days. May fall.

Dreams about pimples and pus

friends if in a dream we If you see yourself having some skin disease as white spots, then this dream is for you. Good clue No Agreed It is known that this dream is considered an indicator of the arrival of bad times for you. There is going to be a theft in your house.

Dream meaning blood blister

you see in dreams You were hurt many days ago, your wound has not yet healed, you have done that wound many times. Have already shown the doctor and your wound gets fresh in two-four days. And your wound heals and does the work of emptying, then in the dream your old wound again fresh and that Wound I see you full of pus then it means That in the coming days you are also going to suffer from illness and you will have to worry about illness. I am going to exhaust all my savings capital.

Seeing myself coughing cold in dream

you dream that your The body is getting very hot and you are sleeping on a high bed and you have a cold. is happening and at the same time you are seen coughing loudly. If an old man is suffering from asthma, then this dream is a good sign for you and indicates does if you are a businessman and you face this type of dream If it falls, it means that in a few days your business is going to accelerate and You are going to have a big contract in your hands and through which you will get a lot of money. There is going to be a big benefit. In addition if you If you do a job in the field, then you are going to be promoted in the coming days.

Unconscious dream meaning 

some man in a dream is going on a journey and on the way the man faints for no reason and later falls unconscious on the ground and loses all consciousness of his mind So this dream acts as a warning in your sleep, this dream tells that you should Obstacles you see in front of you to grow continuously in life To  must be removed directly.

Also in your dreams you to parents Fainted This dream is a sign for you Gives that you are going to have a big lamp in your future , if you yourself are a dreamer and you will soon get a bad news. is about to meet during which you are holding your relatives in serious illness indicates viewing.

If you seeing a blind  man meaning

Friends many in our India People are blind since childhood and many people become blind later due to circumstances. Friends, in our ancient India, many such great men were born who were born from childhood. Despite being blind, I earned my name in this world , friends, it is believed that people who are blind since childhood have one Extra Sense organs  works that signal the coming in the future shows ,

If in a dream we are blind If a man is seen, then this dream is considered to be a negative type of dream. The dream shows you a sign that you will create obstacles in your work in the coming time. that you are now take care Go or else there will be lots of negative forces coming in your life. Reasons  will spoil your work or create hindrance in your work.

Teeth pain in dream meaning

Do you know friends How is the toothache, the stars show in the day and the pain is never auspicious But talk about the dream if in a dream  You see that in your teeth There is a lot of pain and you are screaming loudly about the pain Friends, the meaning of this dream is reverse, there is no need to be afraid of this type of dream , this dream shows a good sign for us that you will soon find a new one. are about to start work and that your Economic Situation Will be strong , if a traveler sees this type of dream His journey is going to be good. 

If you seeing medicine in dream 

friends taking medicine I don’t like it when even a small child is given medicine, he starts crying. Every person in the world wants that three medicines are not needed in his life. Doctors and lawyers but without this our work does not work , we know that the work of medicine is to cure the patient. If we see you taking medicine, then this dream is not a bad sign for you, this dream bears a good sign that scriptures According to if you are walking sick and have night dreams If I see you medicine, then its disease is going to bite soon and you will soon He is going to become healthy and energetic.

See a doctor in dream interpretation

when a person gets sick So he has the biggest hope after God, he is a doctor in real life. A doctor is our life saver, but is it auspicious to see a doctor in a dream ?

no if i dream of us Any If a doctor appears, then this dream is never a good sign for us. It is believed that this dream tells that in the coming days we will not be able to make any transition. Along with this you are going to be surrounded by illness, a mountain of sorrows will fall on you. breakdown is going to happen , if a dreamer is already ill And if this dream comes, it means that your disease is going to increase further.

Seeing child sick in dream

If you in your dreams If you see a child suffering from some dangerous disease, then According to this, this dream is not considered a good sign for you, if you dream of your child. If we see death due to illness, it means that dreaming in the coming days. death is certain or her death Will be there soon , besides in your dreams If you only see the child sick, it means that you will soon get such news. going to get what for your child or for you Inauspicious to signal reveals.

Seeing someone sick in dream

If in a dream we are some unknown If you have seen a person getting sick, then this dream is an auspicious dream sign according to the scriptures. It is considered a dream if you are facing difficulties in your life and during this If you have this dream then it means that you are going to get rid of old troubles. and may your family and your relatives and your friends have a happy atmosphere will be born , and together with you stopped The work done will also be done.

See yourself sick in dream

Whenever someone in a dream If you see someone getting sick, then this dream is a very inauspicious sign for the dreamer. It is believed that this dream tells that in future you will have to face some troubles , the more dangerous you are. disease you will see The faster you are going to fall ill ,

If you have any business If you do and this dream comes, then you should not invest money in business for a few days. Because this is not considered an auspicious time for you because this time is the sum of money and loss. So friends, in this time you have got too much Alertness You have to do it , you don’t lend money to anyone. Please, because at this time there is less chance of getting the money given back.

Seeing myself lying on the floor after getting tired

friends dream themselves See you in very sick condition and see you getting so sick that till you get up There is no condition, you try to get up but you do not have the courage to get up. Due to which you fall on the floor of your patio and find yourself very helpless. understand

so this type of dream this thing shows that you are considering yourself very helpless, you think that this If you have no one in the world, then you should give up these thoughts and friends and your family members By remembering them , they will surely help you .With this this dream It also tells that you are feeling very tired in yourself and in your body.

Seeing himself in operation theater

friends in their dreams that you are sleeping comfortably in an air-conditioned environment inside an operation theater and your If there are modern machines all around, then this dream shows a good sign for you that you You are about to make a new beginning in your life, that is, you are waiting for a new beginning. talked to Wait doing when you get a new chance and you Take advantage of your opportunity.

see it in dreams That your operation is going on in the operation theatre, then this dream is to end the disease and help you Newness in life shows that something new is going to happen in your life, due to which in your life happiness Only happiness will come.

Dying with disease in dream

friends you see that you Aru is very sick in a dream, if you die due to illness, then this dream Tells you how to continue with your feelings and explore those feelings. Shows the need , that you should know what feeling inside you running and in feelings Do not press because pressing will harm you ,

getting sick in a dream and that Seeing you die of illness reflects change and peace in you. Death has spiritual meaning with this dream, so this dream gives you spiritual knowledge. It also awakens you towards this dream tells that you have to achieve the goal of your life. need to understand, recognize your goal and target Our achieve the target.

Dream about sick person 

friends in your dream If you see your parents sick, then this dream is considered an inauspicious sign for you. The dream shows that you may lose control of yourself in the coming days. Like not controlling your tongue , speaking bitterly to someone , disrespecting someone , hurting someone older than you , raising your hand on your loved one , in front of your parents plant composition etc. ,

So this dream of you predicts that in the coming days you may lose control of yourself due to which you have to consequences may have to suffer.

So friends complete on your own Take control by not doing any such thing that you will have to repent because of anger The work done is never successful result only bad Happens.

Seeing your child sick in dream

parent’s real wealth He has a child, no parent wants his child to be affected in any way. that there may be some heat , but what dreams do come, even if they come Whether we like it or not, it is not in our control.

if you are a mother or father And if you see in the dream that your child is very ill and he is admitted in the hospital this dream worries you Lentils Gives this dream to your children running in your heart Tells the concern of how much you want your children and how much they need to know about any situation. I don’t want to lose.

so this is your dream  Your Taking care of children and showing that you take care of your children and from time to time You should keep talking to your children.

There are many meanings of seeing children in dreams .

You are undergoing treatment in dream

In dreams you see that you You are admitted in a big hospital and your treatment is going on at a large level. If you are facing medical services in your dream, then this dream is a positive sign for you. Gives you this dream in your future challenges face the Indicates that you are ready to face the challenges in your future. Are you ready or are you ready to face the biggest challenges in your future.

See a sick man recover

In the dream you see that someone If your knowledgeable person is sick in real life and suddenly gets cured then this dream This dream shows the concern of your mind that in real life you are helping someone. want means someone needs your help if you are not able to help him So it means that bad is going to happen to you if you have taken the ill of that sick man. Help And if he gets cured, then this dream gives a good sign for you.

Sick father dream meaning

hardly any human The one who is not proud of his father is the one whom we respect the most in our society. It’s our father. If something happens to our father in real life then our whole The family gets worried because the father is the family Roof Of It is a pillar that if it falls, it does not take long for the whole family to be ruined.

friends if you dream Appears to see his father who appears to be admitted to a big hospital So this dream indicates that you are very worried about some unresolved , complicated issues in your life, if possible then you will come to know that They from what issues that you are concerned about and these Due to the issues there is lot of trouble in your life and our mind is worrying so much. It is big that even after wanting we are not able to get rid of this worry.

Conversely if your Father is already ill and if you see your father in your dream then it is dream for your father Good Signs that your father is coming soon You are going to be healthy, you need to worry more about your father. Not there. If your father is not in this world and you see in the dream that your Father is admitted in some hospital and is calling you again and again, then it means Is that your father wants to tell you something.

Seeing yourself sick in dreams according to Islam 

friends today we Talking about the dream, the meaning of that dream is psychological and if there is an atheist man and who These dreams for those who do not believe in religion and see everything with science It is absolutely accurate, that is, these dreams are religious and irreligious and appropriate for all religions. because the meaning of these dreams scientificturns out to be that we know that there is no science There is no religion.

if you talk Islam According to religion, if you have seen your own death in a dream, then the dream Indicates illness , crisis , disaster , fear , fear, desire , warning , advice etc.

Seeing someone ill in your dream Islam

If a man himself If he sees suffering from incurable disease, then this dream gives auspicious signs for him. The dream comes only to the noble servant of Allah, every person is afraid of this type of dream. goes because he does not know the true meaning of his dream, the meaning of his dream It happens looking at the goodness done by you God your All sins are forgiven and you will again Gives you a chance to do more good and noble work and right Religion Promote and promote.

Warrior seeing disease in his dream

If any brave warrior Allah is a believer and he is not afraid of anyone in real life and he If you see yourself becoming unconscious due to some disease in your dream It means that in the coming life he is going to suffer a lot and also he Many problems may have to be faced and when someone does work, he Do it with determination and by taking the name of Allah, she will do some work. Beginning will do There will be no problem in his life.

Seeing disease in dram by teacher or cleric

children to teacher and cleric They are very much liked because the education that the cleric or teacher will give to their children is the same. According to the children will illuminate the name of their teacher , and in real life cleric the teacher or Imam of a mosque or missionary If yes, then this dream means that you have to be away from children in real days. It may be because of your domestic work.

Seeing disease in dram by merchant

If you are a trader and You see in the dream that you are a bad person disease from If he is suffering, it means that he is going to suffer loss in business. Those who invest money in the deal are going to drown and whose Cover you life Will not be able to fill it , if you see it like this, then it is considered as the trillionth dream Is .

Seeing myself suffering from chronic disease in a dream

In the dream you ac yourself are seen to be suffering from disease which is long lasting or which Sickness gives death in the end like  Cancer , paralysis , going into coma , and the disease which is going on nowadays Isn’t there a disease like corona, etc., then someone who believes in the religion of Islam considers himself these If you see suffering from diseases, then this dream gives a negative meaning to you that you You are likely to be delayed in the journey you go on , and at the same time you may find it difficult to earn your livelihood. and you will get about eight times more for your goal. Attempt Will have to do

Himself suffering by fewer in dream meaning 

some person himself with fever If he sees a victim, it means that he will get a state or government job in the coming life. You may have to face pressure, due to which a government notice of damages may come to your house. is that you Economic There may be loss.

Seeing yourself as a patient of Corona in a dream, Corona patient in dream meaning friends today a lot The disease goes on but there are many such diseases about which complete details The doctor does not have, at this time it becomes impossible to treat this disease. And in that moment your death is certain,

A visitor wrote to me in the comment box that Sir I had a dream in which I saw that I had become corona positive and the car of two of my doctors came and What is the meaning of this dream if you took it with you

Ans- If you corona very scared of you and many corona near your house (Covid-19) positive cases are found, due to which fear in your mind about corona Do you sit or you keep watching the news all day that today you died so much yesterday you were killed so much If you keep talking about Corona throughout the day, then friends tell you that this type of The dream has no meaning because this dream comes due to fear.

If you’re not afraid of corona and neither talk about corona throughout the day nor watch corona news, then this The meaning of the dream comes out, it means that your money is going to be wasted. If you invest money in some work, then that work will be wasted , if you see yourself admitted in the corona room, then it means It is that you are going to defeat your biggest enemy and it shows this dream. That you have the power to fight even death and you will also defeat death , and you will start living a normal life as before.

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