IP full form with detail

Definition: – internet protocol or internet provider

IP address – Friends, in this world, we also have winning devices, in which internet runs, all those devices have different IDs, which we call internet protocol or (IP address).

Friends, every device has a different IP address, whenever we search for any information in our mobile, laptop or tablet, then our IP address goes to the router and thus the router gets to know that the information. Where to send and in this way the router collects the information and sends it to that IP address, the type of information we have commanded.

What do you see on the net?

If we search anything on the net, then IP knows everything, whereas if a criminal has to be investigated, first of all his IP address is traced, so that it is known where the person is.

Format of IP address

Friends, ip address is in the language of the computer, which is called digital language, which is in the form of binary coding 100110101010100.100110101, which is easily understood by the computer, but it is very difficult to remember this code, so divide them into four parts and separate them by applying decimals. Divided into different parts, each part can have a number ranging from 0 to 225 digits , for example -

IP full form with detail

Know your IP address

Method no. 1  

1 In any browser on your mobile, computer, type what is my IP.

2 Press enter

3 Immediately you will see your IP address in the box below.

Method no. 2

1 First of all click on the start menu of your window.

2 Select Run or press Direct window + R.

3 Type cmd in the Run box and press the OK button.

4 At the prompt, type ipconfig and you will get the information of your IP.

There are mainly two types of IP address

1 private IP address-

When two or more devices are connected to the same cable or wife or network Jio fi, where a single network is formed, which we call private IP address, or we can say that when you have opened your mobile hotspot and your If two mobiles are connected to the mobile, then the IP address of both of them will be same.

2 public IP address-

We also call Public IP address as ISP i.e. internet service provider as we run the net through internet cable.

full form of IP in diseases field

Definition- in-continental pigment  

IP full form Medical field (detail ) – Incontinence pigment is a type of disorder that affects our hair, nails, skin, eyes and neuron system.

full form of IP in medicine and drug field (Detail in Hindi)

Definition- international non-proprietary name

IP meaning medicine field with detail This is an organization to keep the standard names of each medicine which is recognized on wide The job of this organization is to identify the active ingredients of the medicines and to name that medicine and to sell that medicine in the market give a name This may include the same drug being sold under multiple brand names or one or more drugs in the same brand for example celexa, ceapram, and citrol all containing the same active

full form of IP in trademark field (Detail in Hindi)

Definition- intellectual property

IP full form with full detail  It marmotizes Boman’s creations, in which innovation of science, new discovery, literature, artistic design, symbol, and promotion of industry are included. This is an organization in which you are recognized as legal and in which you are also provided with copyright, trademark.

full form of IP in Biology field (Detail in Hindi)

Definition- Immune precipitation

IP full form biological field with full detail IP full form biological field with detail  Immune precipitation (IP) – We call the technique of using antibody to exclude the antigen of protein in the biological field

full form of IP in police field (Detail in Hindi)

Definition-Indian police

Full form of IP in police field full detail- First of all, Indian Police in British India was established in the Governor General Lord Cornwallis between 1786 and 93, Lord Cornwallis kept the police under four superintendents in which Kolkata, Dhaka, Patna, Murshidabad etc. The Lord appointed a police superintendent in each district. Under these, in each sub-division, there is a Deputy Superintendent of Police, every circle means a police inspector and in each police station there is a station head and in the superintendent of the station there were many constables in the under. And all of them were paid salaries by the government.  

Ok full form , full form of OK and uses

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