Ok full form , full form of OK and uses

Friends, there are many words, which we use a lot in colloquial language, until someone asks us a question about it, we do not think about these words at all like we use the word OK a lot. If we ask someone’s charity, then the person in front will say that everything is OK , when someone asks us what is the full form of OK , then many questions come in our mind like – what is the full form of OK , history of the word OK What is OK, how and when did the word start, when and how OK is used, OK can be spoken by mixing it with any language. The general meaning of Hindi is that everything is fine or OK is used in the context of allowing any work – friends, we see that many exceptions are found in English, even after doing lakhs of efforts, we squeeze the English. Can’t remove.

 OK Definition -All correct

full form for OK , History of ok word 

The full form of OK is All correct in the general sense but it comes to our mind that how the meaning of k has become correct , it should be correct, in the year 1838  39 I was in the fashion of writing English words in wrong spelling , due to which the fashion was given to OK . Said all correct .

Due to this , for the first time on 23 March 1839 , an American newspaper published OK by writing it as Oll correct and similarly in a few days a postern morning newspaper declared it as OK , thus this OK is famous all over the world. Done, in this way we can see that OK was born in the year 1839 and till date we are saying OK 

Ok full form , full form of OK and uses

OK full form , What is full form of OK, Ok means 

Friends, when we were in a small class, a word used to come to our mind, OK , we used to see that the short form of any spelling is taken by the first corrector of that spelling , but we did not digest the full form all correct of OK , many times we asked the teacher. Also used to ask but did not get satisfactory answer.

But friends, many people of this world believe that OK is a short form of the word OK , which means well in Hindi, but this is also not completely correct , the history   of OK is very old.

Friends, today we are going to tell you about what is the full form of OK in this article and together we will also discuss about how OK   was created and how many full forms of OK are there and which full form is appropriate . And on what condition should it be used, then friends know that the full form of OK is what hota hai then let’s start.

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Full form for OK with detail, full form ok meaning with detail

Friends, in general, the full form of OK is All Correct , which is commonly used in the colloquial language around us . If we end the matter, then OK is spoken, this OK has been mentioned in BBC and many sites and newspapers that the most spoken word is Hello and after that OK comes at number two. Well, friends, the word OK is of English language, but this OKThe language is also used extensively in Hindi language, we see that we watch any such movies which are Hindi or English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, we do not understand anything in that, just this much is understandable. OK. In English, we use OK when we end any sentence like take care of yourself OK.

Friends, in common colloquial language, the word OK is used in abundance, but OK   is not used for correct sentences . They do more because they speak English but do not speak correct , they only speak English words in stylist English or other language, because of this they are OKUses too much.But friends, we use OK   a lot, but it does not give any concrete meaning because the use of OK   goes into different actions according to the condition and the meaning of the word OK   changes according to the condition.

Usually many people use the word OK to approve a work as if your work is done OK you can go. The history of OK is very old and people are confused about this ok, what is the full form of OK , if the full form of OK is All Correct , then why is it and everyone has a desire to know this, but we have complete knowledge in this regard. If the data is not available, then friends, today we will try to know what is its secret.

Is there really a full form of OK?

Friends, we use OK according to different conditions, then according to that many meanings of OK come out, then this question comes in our mind that is OK really full form, two friends tell that OK is full form. Not one but many are there and many meanings come out. The reason for this is that the word OK is used in different ways whereas OK does not have any specific meaning. but According to the experts of history, many full forms of the word OK have been told, but at present, we will make you aware of the number of OK words in Hindi language and will tell you how many meanings come out of it and in what situation.

full form of OK in English and Hindi

Friends, generally we mean OK in Hindi language to ask well-being or to tell our condition, OK is said in Hindi is all right or right, in asking how are you OK , In reply, OK . Or we ask at some point whether everything is OK .

It is told by many college schools and many people that the word OK is the short form of okay but if the history of OK is seen, then the word OK is not the short form of any word but the full form of the word OK comes out. If we go to the conclusion, then we come to know that the general meaning of the word OK comes out to be All correct .

What is the full form of OK? full form for OK Hindi (All Correct)

Friends, we accept the full form of OK as all correct , but our brain is not able to digest this thing, if we tell this thing to a fifth grade child, then the question which is in your mind, that child will do that all correct ac . That should be the full form, not OK while the full form of OK should be all correct , then friends, let us inform you that on one hand it is believed that it was a mistake created and on the other hand historians believe It is that the origin of this OK was not by mistake but as a joke and later it was OK .The word became so popular that today it is prevalent all over the world.

Friends, the most spoken language in the world is Chinese , but most of the English language is used in the world and OK is the only word in the English language that is used the most in the world and friends, we will give you a lot of English words. Will make you aware of the full form of OK, but the full form of normal OK is All Correct .

History of the origin of the word OK

Friends , the history of the word OK is believed to be about 181 years old from today, according to historians, the word OK was first originated in America in the 19th century, many people in the world believe that the origin of the word OK was mispronounced. And later this word became famous, but it is wrong to believe that because of the strong evidence of historians, it can be said that the origin of the word OK was due to wrong pronunciation, rather the origin of the word OK as a satire or joke. It is said that in the 19th century, it was common to use the word OK as satire, people deliberately mocked the word OK .Pronounced in style.

According to historians, it is believed that the word OK   was first used in the office of Charles Gerdon Green in 1839 in a joke, he edited an article in the Boston Morning Post on March 23 , 1839 , in which he used the word oll correct . Was They deliberately corrected the wrong pronunciation of the word all correct so that people’s attention goes towards it and people take it in a funny way and people make many comments on it.

All correct meaning in Hindi is all right, after this the short form of all correct OK was used after this funny satire and soon after seeing this OK word started being used as a fashion all over America and Friends, due to this OK (all correct) exception, it became so famous in the old world that this word is used by the whole world today.

People have very little time, that’s why they write everything in a short forum, nowadays they have also made a short form of OK, their use is whatsap , Facebook , there are many such social media, on which while chatting, OK is replaced with k . As writing has started.

You must have seen many such products around you, on which OK is written in capital letters, then OK means objection killed in that area i.e. no objection remains.


OK other full forms (All full form of OK )

Friends , OK has many full forms and they will be used according to that situation. So let’s know the many meanings of OK – 

1 All correct

2 All clear

3 Objection killed

4 Okay

5 Objection knock

Use of the word OK in sentences, OK word use in sentence

The word OK is used in different situations, that situation is as follows –

Use of OK to ask common movements

1 Are you OK means are you right.

2 Everything is OK i.e. everything is fine.

I am OK in 3 i.e. I am fine.

4 My work is going OK i.e. my work is going well.

I got my car fixed yesterday in 5th, today the condition of my car is ok.

6 I am completely fine .

7 I have done all my work OK 

 Use of OK for Acceptance and Agreement

OK you can go. 

OK man I am with you.

OK brother I will go.

Use of OK for statement

 Where we end a statement, we put OK at the end, that is, this statement is the end 

I walk in 1 OK.

2 OK man, see you again.

3 Ok bye phone.

Use of OK in simple sentence

1 You don’t need to worry about me OK.

2 Have to come tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock OK.

3 If you don’t come on time tomorrow then your one day salary will be deducted OK .

Work for OK, sign coming in

Showing OK by showing 1 thumb

Friends, when your husband is going to work and we appreciate his work, then we say that you have done very well, then we show a thumb of our hand to the person in front of him, that you have done very well. .

When one has done a great job for his boss, the boss gives courage to his client and says that he did a great job (Good job).

2 Say OK with two thumbs up

Friends saying ok by showing double thumb means that someone inspires you to show courage and is also asking you to keep calm, when modi a leader addresses his team and says ok ok mere brave soldiers am. Along with this, this ok sign is also used to fill the emotion inside you.

Make OK with 3 fingers and thumbMake OK with 3 fingers and thumb

Friends, we make this OK with the fingers and thumb of our hand, whenever someone who works with us does a good job and we like that work very much, then we say that work is absolutely OK and together with the hand of OK Nissan also makes.

I remember that when my sister made chase curry for me, then I took a piece of paneer in my mouth, then my sister asked how is it, then I said while making a sigh of OK with my hand, it is OK.

Friends, today we got a lot of information related to full form for OK Hindi , history of OK  , birth of OK, use of OK in sentences, use of OK in Hindi, other meanings of OK , thus we get information related to full form for OK . Of. This is the specialty of our article that you will not have to go to different sites to get information related to full form for OK , you will get complete information in one place.

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