What does moon mean in dream Hindu? 2024

What does moon mean in dream Hindu

45 Moon Dream Meaning Interpretation Islam and Hindu, moon-in-dream-meaning-Moon represents the emotional side in human nature and the female side includes human intuition, love, romance and psychology. The hanging or dangling moon indicates negative forces, darkness and confusion in one’s personality. Apart from this, the moon represents motherhood or femininity. It is also considered a … Read more

Mining gold in dream islam 76

What does dreaming about gold treasure finding Islam?

If you see in a dream that you are entering a  golden mine  , then this dream indicates your  self-knowledge  that in the coming time you are going to attain self-  realization  , after that you will be on your way. And you will get rid of all the worldly sorrows, so this dream is a good sign for you.If you … Read more