Visiting Gurudwara in dream meaning

Gurdwara in dream, Visiting Gurudwara in dream meaning- Today we will know about the dream of Gurdwara in dream, Visiting Gurudwara in dream meaning, what are the results of seeing a gurudwara in a dream. Apart from this, many types of dreams related to Gurudwara are seen in the dream. Friends, the creature in which there is life, that creature definitely has dreams. Many times we see that many living beings wake up abruptly. So it means that he had some shocking dream. Dreams work to connect us with the future and the present. Dreams are a mirror of future events. The event which is going to happen in the coming time. We already get the indications of those events in the form of dreams. But that sign is symbolic .

Many times the things about which Hajj thinks more and we get a dream about the same subject, then these dreams do not have any special meaning. Whatever you do not think about at all, nor are you thinking much about that thing, yet we get such dreams which we are not thinking about at all. So according to the dream science , such a dream definitely has some meaning.

Dreams are good, bad, scary, joyous and, emotionally scary, but it is not necessary that the fruit of a good dream will be good. Good dreams can have bad results . And bad dreams can mean bad or good too. Dreams have a very deep impact on our real life. Many people who do not have spiritual knowledge, they tell dreams to be false . It is not their fault. Because he was not taught any spiritual thing in any school or college . He was denied spirituality.

They are taught only science and economics only. Because of which those people tell dreams to be false , I say that science has any such technology which can stop dreams and allow our desired dreams to come. Science will give the name of a disease to dreams, connect dreams with phobias. So tell friends that every dream has a different meaning.

Friends, if you keep going to the gurudwara continuously and if you miss once, because of that, you get the dream of the gurudwara, then this dream shows your fear. Apart from this, this dream tells the desire to go to the Gurudwara . So friends, today we will talk about the dream of seeing a Gurudwara in a dream. So read this article completely and see which of these dreams you have come across.

Visiting Gurudwara in dream meaning

If you are preparing for a journey in real life and you see in a dream that you go to a gurudwara with your family members in a car, then this dream does not give auspicious signs for your journey. This dream tells that in the coming days you may have to postpone the journey.
Apart from this, this dream also tells that a person is going to come in your life who will act as a hindrance in your life and will create obstacles in your journey directly or indirectly. So friends, this dream acts as a warning for you, you get a chance to deal with this dream. So that you will be able to face the upcoming crisis easily.

Seeing yourself in Gurudwara in dream

Gurdwara in dream, Seeing yourself in Gurudwara in dream– we Know Gurdwara Sikh religion is the location prayers and putting Ardas for the logo, the door literally means master of the temple, where no man is small and no one person is not big, Waheguru forward all the same he Doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Gurudwara is the only place where everyone can visit. By going there we can share our sorrow and pain with Waheguru. Along with this, we also take the blessings of our God by going to the Gurudwara . Go there vow a vow asking is complete.

Friends, if we are from Sikh religion and we see Gurudwara in our dreams, then this dream is considered to be a very auspicious sign for you. This dream tells that in the coming time you are going to get knowledge . We will get such knowledge which will be related to spirituality . Due to which the direction of our life will change. And the negative thoughts running in our hearts and minds will end.

Seeing yourself in Gurudwara in dream

Eating Langar(Charity food) in dream meaning

People of Sikh society arrange langar in front of almost every gurudwara, where food is arranged for the hungry poor people. This is done so that no person who comes to the Gurudwara should go hungry.

If you see a laggar in your dream, then this dream gives a very auspicious sign for you, this dream tells that in the coming days your business is going to increase, due to which your wealth is going to increase manifold. If you see an acquaintance in the langar, then in the coming days you will get benefit from that person.

Seeing Old Gurudwara ,Dream about old Gurudwara

You go to such a place in your dreams. Where there is no population at all . There is forest all around. No human is seen far and wide, when you go there, you see a Gurdwara in a dilapidated condition. Which looks very scary to see, then this dream indicates that in the coming days you are going to get a lost partner . Apart from this, this dream also tells about some miraculous event.

What does it mean to see the door of a Gurudwara?

You do not see the entire Gurudwara in your dream. You only see the door frame of the Gurudwara . If in a dream, you bow your head on the top of the Gurudwara and consider some prayers from your Lord , then this dream reviews the pleasant atmosphere in your life. Apart from this, if you kiss the door of the gurudwara, it means that in the coming time, peace is going to reside in your mind .

To insult the temple in dream

Friends, you see in the dream as the culprit of the Gurudwara . You take slippers and shoes to the gurudwara in your dream . Or in a dream, if you do the idol of your God inside the gurudwara, then this dream is not considered an auspicious sign for you. This dream indicates that soon you are going to be a victim of some major disease . Apart from this, this dream also indicates that in the coming time, dissatisfaction is going to arise in the hearts of people towards you . Because of which people will not respect you .

Seeing gurudwara flying in the air 

You see in your dream that a Gurudwara is floating in the air or flying in the air inside the sky . It looks like an imaginary dream. It seems like the story of Aladdin movie that the entire building is floating in the air, so this dream is considered a good sign for you. This dream tells that in the coming days you are going to start a new life .

Apart from this, you can see a Gurudwara lit up inside the air with full illumination. It looks like heaven when viewed from below. Around lamp, Mombtia, chandelier, lights, carpet, stately curtain looks like a palace of dreams in check. So this dream shows a review for you that you should soon evaluate or review all the mistakes going on in your life once . If you feel something that is not going well, then you should immediately cloud it. That’s why this dream shows to check yourself.

Golden Gurudwara in dream meaning

You Unless dreams gold appears prefabricated temple colored or gold dream in you reflects the lack of knowledge is. You lack religious knowledge. You may need a spiritual master for spiritual knowledge in the coming times .

If you see yourself entering the Golden Temple in your dream, it means that you will soon attain knowledge in the coming times . Through which you will be able to make any impossible task possible.

What does it mean to dream you are praying

Friends, in every religion there is a place to worship their God, Lord , Allah and Jesus. Go over there we our Lord Ardas is within the A Day My Lord finished grieves all, or if we have any wish is fulfilled, we are to give thanks to our Lord. The place of worship is called Sikh Gurudwara, Hindus call that place a temple, Muslims call it a mosque or a Dargah , Christians call that place a church .

If you see yourself in a dream in the court of your Lord, that is, in a Gurudwara , offering prayers with people. So this dream is not considered less than a boon for you. This dream tells that the time has come to end all the troubles going on in your life . In this way all your troubles will end in the coming life .

Empty Gurdwara in dream

A visitor’s dream- Sir my name is Manjeet Kaur, I am running a small shop in Ludhiana. Yesterday afternoon Marine was sleeping in her own bedroom. Then around 2 o’clock in the afternoon I had a dream. I go to a beautiful Gurudwara. I am surprised to see that Gurudwara of mine. I saw that the Gurudwara is fully opened. All the lights are on. All the doors of the Gurudwara are open. But surprisingly, there is not a single person there except me. Seemed to see right now there on the event must have occurred.

So this dream further indicates that in the coming time you will become the subject of some discussion . What you were hiding from people for a long time. After this dream, your secret will not remain, that secret will become public . So friends, after this dream, if you tell that secret to everyone with your mouth, so that people do not get shocked later . 

Dreaming of Gurudwara sweeping

Friends, if we sweep in a temple or gurudwara , then it is considered a very auspicious sign for us. That you cleaned the house of God. God will always keep you happy. This is considered a very rewarding work for you. But friends, if we do the same thing in a dream, then its meaning is opposite . In a dream, if we see a broom in the gurudwara, then this dream does not give any auspicious sign for you. This dream is related to theft of money, this dream tells that in the coming time there may be theft in your house . Due to which you may have to face financial loss .

Rush in Gurudwara in dream meaning

If you go to the Gurudwara with your family, then you look at the gate of the Gurudwara, then you see a long line there. There is no place to even set foot inside the gurudwara, it looks like a fair.

So this type of dream is considered auspicious for you. According to which your progress is going to happen in the coming Sama , that progress will be related to your spirituality. By which your mind, body and soul will get true happiness.

You see that the crowd is completely silent , no one is speaking anything to anyone. So this dream tells that soon you are going to get a lot of money .

Seeing a abandon Gurudwara in the dream

You see a demolished Gurudwara in your dream . Which you temple debris does not dream augurs well for you, it appears that this dream is going to be anything wrong with your hands in time with this thing come to tell the soon coming Kjiske due to legal battles have Ldni can. Or you can say that in the coming days you may have to make rounds of the court .

Save the Gurudwara from attack in the dream

My name is Akash Yadav. I am a government teacher of a computer . Yesterday I saw a strange accident in my dream. It looked like the story of a movie. In the dream foreigners have come to break the gurdwara and you are protecting the gurdwara by becoming a superhero . You even sacrifice your life to have that Gurudwara.

So this dream is considered an auspicious sign for you, according to this dream, you will be blessed by the Lord in the coming days. During that, wherever you go, you will be admired. People will come to you on their own . You will become so famous that people will be eager to meet you.

Seeing a whit Gurudwara in dream meaning

You see such a Gurudwara in your dream which is completely white in color. Along with this, its vastness is so much that an entire village can be accommodated in it. So this dream is no less than a boon for you. This dream indicates that you will be blessed with true badass at the time to come. Due to which you will become so capable that you will be able to fill the stomach of many thousand people apart from yourself . If you see yourself entering the white giant gurudwara, it means that all your troubles will automatically end in the coming days . And you will be able to live a happy life.

Hanging sword and hand ring(kada and kripan) front of Gurudwara

Friends, five things have been said to be mandatory for those who adopt Sikh religion and follow Sikh religion. In which the kirpan, comb, hair, kachera, and kada are similar. If we see in the dream that there is a big Gurudwara . In front of it is a huge kada and a saber. Large saber , and toughened can not lift it together hundred men. So this dream tells your welfare that your welfare is going to happen in the coming time. If you have been running in some trouble since many days . So after this dream all your troubles will go away. Apart from this, this dream is also considered a symbol of revival.

Seeing Gurudwara again and again in dream

If we see the same dream again and again, then this dream does not have much significance and only gives any special meaning. You think about the same thing for many days, and thus your mindset has become such that you keep thinking about the same thing throughout the day, due to which you see the same thing in your dreams.

On a spiritual basis, this dream indicates to you that you may need to take rest in the coming times . You are too tired of your life. Apart from this, if you are seen frequently visiting Gurudwara with your family , it means that now your parents need rest . You give them rest and free them from the burden of work.

If the same Gurudwara appears every time in the dream. So this dream tries to remind you something that you had asked for some vow from the Lord, even after the fulfillment of that vow, you have not gone to the gurudwara to bow down. So this dream inspires you to go to the Gurudwara that soon you should thank the Lord for fulfilling your wish.

Mostly this dream comes to those people who forget their Lord when their need is fulfilled. So this dream works to connect you again with the Lord .

Helping to build a Gurudwara in a dream

You see in your dream that the work of construction of Gurudwara is going on in your locality . You are sharing your hand in the construction work of that Gurudwara . If you are giving your full support in the construction of Waheguru’s house , or you are donating for the Gurudwara, then this dream gives auspicious signs for you. This dream tells that newness is going to come in you in the coming days  .

If you already have a bad habit or have any bad thoughts, you want to leave those bad thoughts , then in the coming time, bad thoughts will be eradicated from your subconscious mind . Or we can say that soon the veil of bad thoughts lying on your mind is going to open. Along with this, positive energy is also going to flow in your body. By which you will be able to eliminate the evil forces yourself.

Dream about spending night in dream meaning

You see in your dream that you are going on a long journey on foot . It gets very dark as we go on. So you see a Gurudwara to take rest. You go to the Gurudwara and start taking rest. You eat food in the Gurudwara and sleep there. That is, if you spend the night in a gurudwara in a dream, then this dream tells that in real life you are not satisfied with your life.

You are looking for something that is very important to you. Even after you have everything, you feel that I have nothing, that is to say, you are in search of true peace of mind. You have a hunger for spiritual knowledge. So after this dream you do not need to wander much. Sometimes you have to find a true Guru.

If you spend the night lying on the ground in the garden of the Gurudwara in your dream, then it means that success is very near to you. You need a little clue to be successful. If you find a small clue, someone new will be able to stop you from succeeding. And that success will be in the spiritual field.

Dream about no entry in Gudwara in dream

In the dream you see yourself as a criminal . You see that when you start entering the Gurdwara to bow your head in the Gurdwara, then the people standing there throw you out by saying that this is a criminal. There is no place in the Gurudwara for the criminal.

A visitor’s dream- Sir my name is Baljit, I am a resident of Gurdaspur. Last night I had a strange dream. Yesterday in my dream I saw myself as a criminal. I try to go to a gurudwara. But the gatekeeper stops me at the main door and throws me out after eating that there is no place in the gurudwara for a criminal .

 After this, I dodge and cross the main door of the Gurudwara, but there were four other gatekeepers standing in front, they did not allow me to go further. Thus I was thrown out of the Gurudwara . Sir, I have never committed any crime in my life. So why did I have such a dream? What does this dream mean .

Ans.Bajlit ji, the world of dreams is like this. We have no control over dreams . We can have any kind of dreams. I feel that you believe in the above very much and have too much faith in them. According to the scriptures, this dream further indicates that you need to evaluate yourself . You need to pay attention to which way you are going on the right path or on the wrong path. So this dream tells to inspect yourself.

The path chosen by me in your life is wrong, so leave that path soon , and follow the right path. Before doing any work after this dream, you should decide its right and wrong. The work done by you should be right both financially and religiously.

If in your dream you are able to enter the Gurudwara forcibly, it means that the solution to your problems is in your hands. You just need to try hard.

You see yourself in dream doing Guruvani in abandoned Gurudwara

You see yourself in a dream doing Guruvani in a Gurudwara . You see that many people are engaged in the queue with you. You are taking the name of your Lord. So this dream gives good sign for you. This dream indicates that in the coming days God is going to fulfill all your demands .

Apart from this, if you see yourself performing aarti in the gurudwara and suddenly many people come who disturb your guruvani or aarti, due to which your prayer remains incomplete . So it also means good. According to which the defeat of your enemy is certain in the coming days . You are going to dominate your enemy in the coming time .

Seeing the same Gurudwara again and again in a dream

Friends, when you see the same thing again and again in a dream , it does not make much sense. Because the things we keep thinking about all day long. We remember the same thing at night. And it takes the form of a dream. Friends, in a simple sense, this dream indicates that you may need rest in the coming days . You are going to feel very tired in the coming days . If you see repeatedly going to Gurudwara with your parents in your dream, then it means that you should relieve your parents from the burden of responsibilities . They need to rest.

But friends when you have the same dream again and again. If there is no change in that dream at all , then this dream tells you a lot. So this dream indicates that you are forgetting something, this dream tries to remind you something . As if you have asked for some of your vows and he and you said that after the fulfillment of the vow , I will go to the Gurudwara to bow my head. But if you have not gone, then this dream tries to remind you of him. That even after your wish is fulfilled, you have not remembered the Lord. So immediately after this dream, remember your Lord and remember whether I have ever spoken any caste. If you remember, then definitely go to the Gurudwara once to bow your head.

Going to Gurudwara in dream with family in dream

Friends whenever is full purport of our minds in that case we are with the couple to their God or Lord or the whole Family, and that purport to complete God ‘s thanks come by. If you see in a dream that you go to a Gurudwara with your parents, wife and children to pay their respects in the Gurudwara . So this dream does not give good sign for you.

This dream indicates that in the coming time a great injustice is going to happen in front of your eyes. You will be unable to stop that injustice . You will feel yourself as a helpless and helpless person. Thus this injustice will not let you live and you will start getting mentally ill in the coming days. So after this dream you have to keep your mind in balance .

Helping to build a Gurudwara in a dream

You see construction work of a Gurudwara in your dream. You too start working to help in the construction work of that Gurudwara . So this dream is considered a very auspicious sign for you. This dream indicates that something new is going to come in your life in the coming days .

Due to which the bad thoughts coming to your subconscious mind are going to end. We can say that in a few days the dark thoughts running in your mind are going to end . And with this, there is also going to be a communication of positive energy inside you, which will eliminate all the evils contained inside you.

Spending the night in the Gurudwara in the dream

It is seen in the dream that you have gone on a long journey. You get dark while walking in the desert and only then you see a gurudwara, you go to that gurdwara, take rest and spend the whole night there. Or we can say that if you spent a night in a gurudwara, then this dream indicates that you are looking for something which is very useful and important for you. By getting it, you will realize the goal of your life.

Apart from this, this dream tells your hunger for spiritual knowledge that you have hunger for spiritual knowledge, which is going to get rid of your hunger in the coming time. You are not satisfied with the knowledge that is going on around you .

Someone prevents you from going to the Gurudwara in your dream

You see in your dream that you try to go to a gurudwara but the gatekeeper does not let you inside. So this dream shows the need to evaluate yourself. That in the coming time you will have to evaluate yourself . Is the path on which I am going, right or wrong? If the path is wrong then you should leave that path immediately . After this dream, you should think for some time to reach any decision . A decision should be reached in the matter.

If you see in the dream that you are able to enter the Gurudwara forcibly, it means that success is very near to you. You just need a little effort.

Dreaming of singing Guruwani in abandonand gurudwara

In a dream, you see yourself going to such a gurudwara, where no one comes and goes. You go to that Gurudwara and go there and do Gurbani there. So this dream does not give a good sign for you, this dream indicates that in the coming time you are going to get some bad news unexpectedly . Hearing that your senses will fly away.

According to the dream weapon, this dream also indicates to suffer the punishment of the deeds of the past lives that in the coming time you may have to suffer the punishment of the past lives .

Seeing the remains of temples in dreams

While roaming in the dream, you reach a place where excavation work is going on. After going to the vehicle, you sit on a big hill. After some time the people of the archaeological department get some symbols of Sikh religion. In which a big kara, two sabers, a Khanda, a big iron comb, the main mark of learning religion etc. are found.

So friends, this dream serves as a warning to you to beware of your sly friends. The friends whom you consider to be good friends are not good in sattvik life. He only pretends to be good.

Apart from this, if you find a broken dome of the Gurdwara in the excavation, it means that in the coming time you will have to recognize the strength inside you, then only the strength inside you will get a new enthusiasm . It means to say that this dream also works to awaken your strength and energy .

Eating prasad in a Gurudwara in a dream

A visitor’s dream Sir my name is Navkiranjot. I belong from Chandigarh. But now I currently live in Canada with my husband . This morning I had a dream in which I saw that both I and my husband go to the Gurdwara. Both of us are eating prasad in the gurudwara . We are both very happy. Whereas my husband is an atheist person. He never goes to Gurudwara. Please try to explain the meaning of my dream, is my husband going to be a believer?

Ans. If you see yourself eating prasad with your husband in a dream, then this dream gives fruitful signs for you. This dream tells that in the coming time you are going to get immense happiness in life.

Apart from this, this dream also shows the mingling of thoughts between you and your husband that soon your thinking and understanding is going to be the same. If you see yourself distributing prasad in the gurudwara with your husband, it means that soon you will be blessed with happiness, prosperity, and opulence.

Loss of temple dreams

A visitor’s dream – Sir my name is Harman, I am from Punjab. Right now I live in Delhi Nawada. I am a businessman . I did many business but every time I did not get much success. Yesterday when I came home from my office and slept after eating food, that’s when I had a dream. In my dream I see that I am passing through a very big desert. On the way, I felt very thirsty and the water that I had with me also ran out. Then one sees a Gurudwara surrounded by desert . Seeing the Gurudwara, I got some courage and I thought that maybe some water source should be found in this Gurudwara. I started walking towards the Gurudwara for water . As soon as I step towards the Gurudwara, heThe Gurdwara was going ahead.

I was so tired like this. Finally I thought to take some rest. Then he started resting. After a few minutes, as soon as I raised my head, I saw that the Gurudwara was not facing me. Within minutes that Gurudwara had disappeared . Thinking so, I lay down there and started shouting water. At that point my eyes were opened. Then I see that my throat is completely dry. Then I quench my thirst by taking out a bottle of water from my fridge . Then after quenching my thirst, I thanked Waheguru ji for the water . What does this dream mean ?

Ans. Harman ji, this dream indicates that in the coming days you are going to take some such decision in your life which will be absolutely wrong. This dream tells that you are deceiving yourself that you are giving false satisfaction  to your mind  . What I am doing, I am doing absolutely right, I am doing absolutely right, but that will be wrong. In the coming time, you will get to see bad results of your actions . Whenever you invest money in business, do not consider yourself to be over smart. Before investing money , know its ground reality. So that you don’t have to regret later .

If you are a girl and a Gurudwara disappears in your dream, then this dream tells about your love that in the coming days you will marry such a person. One who has a lot of faith in miracles. If you are married and you have got this dream, then it means that in the coming time your husband is going to get caught in the magic spells, sorcery and sorcery .

All educated person not wise man?

No friends, if we look at an educated person and we see that his personality is very good, he speaks English quickly . He has a lot of knowledge about the world. Most of the people in our society consider him to be a wise man. But this is absolutely wrong, that man is not called a wise man . He does not have knowledge, he has changed himself, as people are walking in the crowd, he is also trying to be included in the same crowd. They do not have knowledge, they have only collected information .

That person knows many such things. Like the beneficiary should not lie, should not accumulate more money, should not collect more money than his needs, should never violate the rights of others to fulfill his desire . He imposes these things on people to demonstrate his knowledge, but he himself is not able to remain deprived of these things. He only gives knowledge to the people. But all the things he kept saying. And to demonstrate his knowledge, he makes people rote the same things.

But there is no effect of these things on his own life at all. He doesn’t give knowledge to anyone until he gets to know himself. Here knowledge does not mean rote knowledge of books , here knowledge means spiritual knowledge . A wise man applies all these things first in his life. Still gives knowledge to people when needed. To find out the wise man, you see that person speaking bad things and you will know. If he gets angry or gives you back street, it means. He has no real knowledge. Because a wise man is away from all these things. A man of spiritual knowledge is neither greedy nor angry.Does it, not gives knowledge to anyone without any reason.

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Today we have to know about the dream of seeing a gurudwara in a dream, what does seeing a gurudwara in a dream represent. We have seen that if we see a Gurudwara in a normal dream, then it means that you are going to get knowledge in the coming time. How did you like to see this post of our gurudwara in your dream . If you like this post , then share the link of this post with your friends . So that he too can know the true meaning of his dream. You tell us by commenting that you did not get your dream in this post. If you have not found your dream in this post, then send your dream by writing it in the comment box. So that we can send you the right answer to

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