Seeing the dead entering the grave in dream

Hello sir my name is Imran khan , i mostly have scary dreams, i sleep everyday with the name of Allah, yet I have such dreams, then I remember Allah in my head, still why do I have scary dreams Come , when I told Qazi Saheb that I have scary dreams, he gave me a talisman. That talisman was also of no use to me. You tell me what should I do so that I stop having scary dreams. Look at yesterday. Yesterday, I was sleeping on a bed with my mother, I got around 12:30 while running my mobile , when my internet is over, I try to sleep but I can’t sleep.

The sound of the hand of a clock in my room is echoing in my ears. I try my best to divert my attention from that needle, but my attention is not diverted from that needle, I hear the sound of the hand of the clock as if something big is hitting the wall. To cover her ears, even in the heat, she covered her with a blanket. Still the same voice kept ringing in my ears. By doing this, it was two o’clock in the night. In the end, I took out the cells of the watch out of trouble. Then I fell asleep. Gupta ji, I fell asleep, but trouble kept following me in my sleep. As soon as I slept I started having scary dreams.

Seeing the dead entering the grave in dream

In my dream I see that I go to a secluded place while roaming with my friend Adil. We saw that there are many pigeons in that place. Then strange sounds started coming. Then a platform appeared like my right, it was covered with a green sheet. That sheet was completely torn. I said man Adil, who has put a lovely sheet of Allah’s name on this platform, who is insulting Allah. then my friends grave When I went to him, 1988 was written on it. Then my friend Adil cried out loudly , ” Who is so dishonest who is insulting the sheet of Allah.” If you have the courage then come in front of me. Then the sound of rustling was heard in the grass near the grave. The plaster of the grave, glued with cement, comes apart on its own and I can see the shadow of his devil entering. Seeing this type of scene my friend Adil faints.

I was also very scared. Then I closed my eyes and started reading Kalma(Muslim holly slogan ). So in a short time cold winds started coming. When I opened my eyes, something was shining in the dark clouds. That’s when I daringly sprinkled the water poured for the birds on the mouth of my friend Adil. Then my friends Adil opened his eyes , as soon as he opened his eyes, his eyes became like a cat when he looked like me and told me who are you. Seeing his big teeth and cat-like eyes, I nodded loudly. That cry was genuine. Then my whole family gathered around me. Then my body was soaked with sweat. So sir what is the meaning of this scary dream of mine. What does the soul enter the grave in a dream indicate ?

Ans –¬†Hello Imran ji, you are welcome in our blog, you say that I have a lot of scary dreams, I have seen all the work done. You don’t have to do anything, you have to go to sleep before eight o’clock in the evening. When you sleep, take your master’s name once and keep a water vessel at the place where you sleep. If you keep a jug of water, then after this any kind of negative energy will not be effective on you.

you see in the dream a soul grave If you are going inside, then this dream gives ominous signs for you, this dream indicates that you may have some mental illness in the coming days. Apart from this, this dream also indicates that in the coming days you may become a victim of some mischief, so after this dream you do not have to own a two wheeler for three days. After this dream, if your health deteriorates a bit, then you should immediately consult a good doctor.

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