Seeing Ravan in dream meaning and interpretation

Seeing Ravan in dream meaning and interpretation– Hello friends welcome to our blog, Today we will know about seeing Ravan in a dream, whether seeing Ravan in a dream is a good sign or inauspicious. We see that if you have a dream related to Ravan, then you consider it inauspicious because the image of Ravan is very negative as compared to that of Rama. Let me tell friends, seeing Ravan in a dream is not always an inauspicious sign, it depends on the state of the dream, in which position you see Ravan in the dream. Seeing Ravan in a dream reflects your inner pride, on the contrary, seeing Ravan burning in a dream is considered an auspicious sign. According to which happiness is going to come in your house in the coming days. Friends, we get to see many types of dreams related to Ravana. Like seeing Ravan in a dream, seeing the burning of Ravan in a dream, seeing an effigy of Ravan in a dream, seeing an idol of Ravan in a dream, etc. So friends, let’s try to know each and every dream in detail –

Seeing Ravan in dream

Seeing Ravan in dream , Dream about Ravan-Friends, as soon as we take the name of Ravan, the image of Ravan is formed in our mind as an arrogant person. And that arrogant and dreaded form of Ravan comes before our eyes. If we compare a human being with Ravan, then it means that he has demerits like Ravan. Friends, we remember a person not according to his appearance but according to good and bad deeds. And according to that, the image of that person is formed in our hearts and minds. As soon as we take the name of Ram, our mind becomes completely calm and filled with emotions. On the contrary, if we take the name of Ravan, then a feeling of anger, hatred and anger arises in us.

Seeing Ravan in dream

Let’s talk about breaking the dream, friends, if you see Ravana in the dream, then this dream does not give auspicious signs for you, this dream indicates that in the coming days, the image of Ravana is going to be formed on your mind too. You are going to have qualities like pride in you. Just as Ravana got himself destroyed by being crushed in honey, similarly you will also destroy yourself in the coming days with your own hands.

Burning Ravan dream meaning

In the dream, you see Ravana being burnt, in the dream you see yourself in the rune area with Ram Chandra ji, you see that Shri Ramchandra ji would have killed Ravana with his arrow and set him on fire. Is . So friends, this dream gives auspicious signs for you. This dream tells that in the coming time you are going to leave the bad side and support the good side. Whatever evil is inside you, soon you will work to put an end to those evils. Along with this, this dream is also a sign of happiness for you. Because after this dream, the effect of your bad deeds will be reduced. With this, you are going to be with the victory side in the coming time. After this dream you should immediately thank Lord Shri Ramchandra ji.

Seeing statue of ravan in dream meaning

Friends, if you see an effigy of Ravana in your dream, then this dream is considered a good sign for you, this dream indicates that soon there is going to be a happy place in your house. In which marriage, engagement, friends, or naming is included. Apart from this, this dream can also be organized for religious functions. So friends, you do not need to panic at all with this dream.

Dream about Ravan picture

Friends, there will hardly be such a person who likes Ravana. No one likes Ravana because his deeds were like this. Because of which it is only a letter of hatred. You can make someone’s idol only when you keep it in your mind. If you see the idol of Ravana in your dream, then this dream gives inauspicious signs for you. And thus in the coming days the image of Ravana will be swarmed in your mind and heart. Due to which many negative energies will enter inside you. These negative forces will be eliminated with your elimination. So friends, this dream is a very bad dream for you, so to avoid the bad effects of this dream, you should worship Lord Ramchandra ji every morning and evening. So that his qualities are included in your life and the negative qualities of Ravana get eliminated.

Seeing Ravan statue burning in a dream

If you see someone burning an effigy of Ravana in a dream, then this dream indicates a good sign for you. This dream indicates that positive changes will be seen in your life in the coming days. There is going to be such a person in your life. Due to which your life will get a new direction and that direction will be towards the right path. Apart from this, if you see yourself burning an effigy of Ravana in your dream, it means that in the coming days you will try to create a lot of positive energy in yourself. By which you will be loved by all. So friends, seeing Ravana burning in this way in a dream gives auspicious signs.

Ravana had seven dreams which he could not complete.

Ravana was an arrogant and powerful demon but he was trustworthy to his subjects. Ravana had seven wishes which remained unfulfilled. which is as follows-

1 May all person be fair in color

Ravana’s complexion was black and wanted that no woman should reject him after seeing his color, so he had a dream that the black color of all human races should be hair in white color. He was working with this desire. But it ended before his wish was fulfilled.

2 Dream Of Defeating Bali

Ravana was the greatest of his era, powerful and skilled in warfare. He won many great wars. But he could not defeat Bali. Bali carried out the circumambulation of the sea by pressing Ravana on his side, after which Bali handed over Ravana to the children. The children caught Ravana and tied him to the horses in Astabak. Till the time of his death, this dream of Ravana remained unfulfilled that he should defeat Bali once.

3 Aromatizing Gold

In that period, after Kuber, Ravana had the most gold. Ravana had a complete golden Lanka. Ravana had the possession of gold all over the world. Even after all this, Ravana’s wish about gold was that there should be fragrance inside the gold. He wanted to make gold aromatic. With this, there would be no difficulty in finding gold.

4 Change the color of blood

Ravana could go to any extent for his victory. He didn’t care about his policy. Ravana had shed the blood of Angnait people in the battle field, due to which the earth turned red. Which clearly showed the cruelty of Ravana. Ravana wanted to make the color of blood white to hide his faults. So that the blood gets mixed in the color of the stripe and he can cover his faults.

5 Stairway To Heaven

Ravana was never satisfied with his victory and had the phantasm of winning over the three worlds. Without worshiping God, he wanted to be the path to heaven directly. He wanted to put a CD till heaven. So that later people worship Ravana, according to their wishes, they give their people a place in heaven.

6 Removing the smell of alcohol

Ravana was very fond of alcohol. He wanted that after drinking alcohol, no one should know that he was intoxicated with alcohol. It is believed that Ravana was knowledgeable in science, so he made constant efforts to remove the smell of alcohol, but before his death his wish also remained unfulfilled.

7 To sweeten the water of the sea.

If this wish of Ravana was fulfilled, then there would never be a water crisis on the earth. Because the biggest source of water is ocean and sea. Ravana wanted that the biggest source of water should be with Ravana and on the strength of this, he should force people to worship Ravana. So that people leave the devotion of God and start worshiping Ravana.

Friends, Ravana was very knowledgeable, with this he was also powerful in all the three worlds, yet he was killed. So friends, having knowledge and strength is not a big deal. The big thing is to handle power, knowledge and power, to use it right in the right place. If you have, you too can not handle your strength, then you will also have the same result.

Ten amazing facts about Ravana

1 Ravana was half Brahmin and half Rakshasa

2 Ravana’s real name was Dashanan

3 Ravana literally means shouter

4 Ravana was cursed by Rama’s son-in-law Anaranya that Dasarathaputra would be killed by Rama.

5, Ravana played the role of a priest in Ram Sethu

6 Ravana was a scholar of astrology along with a pandit

7 Ravana grabbed the gold loin from Kuber

8 Ravana had acquired all the powers on the basis of penance.

9 Ravana was an art lover and a scholar of diplomacy

10 Ravana was given a boon by Brahma.

11 Apart from the langa of Ravana, there were many kingdoms such as Balideep, Angdeep, Bahardeep, and Yavadeep etc.

12 The Pushpak Vimana of Ravana used to fly faster than today’s planes.

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Friends, today we learned about the dream of seeing Ravana in a dream. We have seen that seeing Ravana in a dream gives both auspicious and inauspicious signs. Friends, did you get a dream related to Ravana in this article? If not found then you send your dream by typing in the comment box. So that we can answer your dream as soon as possible.

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