Seeing mother grave in dream Islam

Seeing My Mother Dead In A Grave ,Dream Meanings, Seeing mother grave in dream Islamic interpretation ,Hello friends welcome to our blog. Today we are going to talk about what it is like to see your mother’s grave in a dream. There will hardly be any person who likes to see the grave of a mother. The most beautiful thing in the world is us mother. In religious books, mother has been given the status of God. It has been said that God cannot be present everywhere at the same time, so God has created mother. Many poets say that Allah created the mother, but Allah regrets this. Because people have started worshiping mother instead of God. Friends, as soon as we take the name of the grave, thoughts related to death come in our mind. Because the grave is made of the person who dies. If we can’t always bear the death of our mother. Because our mother has supported us the most. When we see mother’s grave in a dream, then our heart breaks and we become sad from inside and we start worrying about our mother.

Seeing mother grave in dream Islam, I saw my mother grave in dream what does it mean

Friends, do you know why people abuse or smell only of mother and sister? Why not give to father or brother? So let me tell that we consider mother and sister as the most holy. It is related to our emotional thoughts. When someone wants to hurt your feelings or hurt your heart, he will say good and bad things about the thing you love. So that your peace gets hurt. That’s what the other person wants. That your inner mind gets hurt and you lose your temper.

Seeing mother grave in dream Islam

Let’s talk about dreams friends, we know grave means death. If we see mother’s grave in a dream, if you see in your dream that you are digging a grave for your mother, then this dream gives a good sign for you, you do not need to panic at all with this dream. This dream tells that in the coming days your mummy is going to get spiritual happiness. If your mother is an angry woman then after this dream she will become a perfect woman. If your mother is already ill, then after this dream your mother’s illness will be cured to a great extent. She will be completely fine mentally.

Sitting on  mother’s grave in dream, Seeing My Mother Dead In A Grave ,Dream Meanings

If your mother is not in this world and you see in your dream that you are sitting on your mother’s grave. So this dream does not give a good sign for you, this dream indicates that your mother has not got spiritual peace yet. Your mother’s love for you continues even today. Your mother’s feeling of lust for her family is still alive. So after this dream you go to your mother’s grave and pray for her peace. If your mother does not get inner peace, then there may be some accidental incident in your family.

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