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Lightning in dream Islam, Lightning falling dream-Hello friends welcome to blog. Today we know the dream celestial lets see Bijli or signal lightning see falling dreams. Does seeing lightning in a dream give an inauspicious sign? So friends, let’s try to know in detail many dreams related to electricity. In a simple sense, seeing lightning falling in a dream gives inauspicious signs. Apart from this, there are many types of dreams related to electricity . See declining power in such dreams, listen power sound dreams, Lightning themselves in dreams, the power to see shining in my dreams, dreaming break into the house struck by lightning, the electricity dream fire embark view. Lightning in dream Islam / Lightning falling dream

Lightning in dreams meaning/Lightning falling dream

lightning in dreams meaning/lightning falling dream-Friends, in your dream you see lightning falling on the ground. So this dream does not give good sign for you. According to astrology, this dream indicates troubles. Just as celestial lightning is harmful, similarly seeing celestial lightning falling in a dream is also harmful. If you are living a life peacefully in your family, during that time you see lightning falling on the ground in your dream, then this dream indicates to you that in the coming time you will have a rift with your family. Due to which you may have to be separated from your family.

Along with this, you may also have to go through financial troubles. If you happen to be a rich person, you have such a dream, then after this your financial condition will be so pathetic that you will get to see a lot of poverty. So much so that you will find it difficult to maintain your family and yourself. If you are a businessman or in business then this dream indicates for you to face problems related to business . This dream gives such a sign that in the coming time you are going to have a big loss in business which you will be unable to stop.

Friends, when this type of dream comes, you will have to take such a decision soon so that you will get some time to deal with it. So that you can solve your problems easily.

To reduce the bad effect of this dream, you should worship your Ishta Dev. As the god of Rain with Lord Indra ‘s a little ritual in our house to please the event should start. So that all the negative energies can be removed from your house.

Lightning in dreams meaning/Lightning falling dream

lightning in dreams meaning /lightning in dream islam

If you see lightning in the dream, then this dream is often considered a good dream for you and this dream indicates a short-term happiness for you. This dream indicates that in the coming time you are going to get such happiness which will end in a few days. With this dream with your fate messing also indicate to your Dakdir change for some time but will have everything to normal in no time. But you will be happy to see that there will be some part of that happiness in your life, from which you can become rich again by taking inspiration.

lightning fire dream meaning/Lightning fire in dream meaning

Friends, you see in your dream that lightning strikes in your house or in your farm , due to which your house or farm catches on fire. If your home or farm crop looks burning smoking-smoking dream gives ominous sign for you is this dream that prompts the next time your hands are going to be there a mistake which led to the coming In the days before the court or police

So friends, once you get this type of dream, check yourself once. Whether the work I am doing is right or not, if you feel that this work is illegal, then soon you should change your work. By the way, this dream is a good one for you because it is alerting you even before you make a mistake. So friends, after this type of dream, you should once differentiate between legal and illegal . You leave your ego and see for yourself once in which situation you are.

lightning striking tree in dream

You see in your dream that it is raining heavily in front of you . And because of the rain on a tree lightning strikes these dream you advice works to make these dreams come Wlaa gives you advice when your anger of victims is due. Due to which you will start getting angry on small things, due to which you will not be able to take any decision properly, due to which you will get a huge financial and physical loss. Damage is going to happen. So friends, after this dream, you have to control your anger. Otherwise you will be ruined according to this dream. You will lose all the kinks to which your real happiness is attached.

Thunder lightning in dream islam

Friends, in your dreams you see that there is a loud thumping sound of lightning in the direction of your fields . If you feel that lightning has fallen somewhere near you, then friends, the sound of beeping sound in your dream indicates that there is a big defect for you. These are just a few days ahead of the dream tells you very face of all suffering is likely to as well.

If you do your business in partnership, during that time you get this dream, then this dream acts as a warning or advice for you, this dream tells that you should not trust your business partner excessively. Because in the coming few days, he is going to break your trust as well as can put you in a big financial crisis. So this dream acts as a warning to you that now you have time to be alert towards your partner .Lightning in dream Islam

Dream interpretation lightning in a cloud

If you see clouds in your dream, then this dream is considered an auspicious sign for you. According to Lal Kitab , seeing clouds in a dream is considered a sign of progress and progress . That in whatever field you are working, you are going to get progress in that field in the coming days. Along with this, an atmosphere of happiness is also going to be created in your house. If you find yourself alone, then after this dream many will come in your life which will remove your loneliness.

On the contrary, if you see clouds and lightning together in your dream, then it means that your career is going to end in the coming days . There is going to be some mistake in your every work, due to which you will have to hear a lot of reprimands from people . Apart from this, this dream also shows that soon your partner is going to leave you. So friends, seeing lightning and clouds together in such a dream gives inauspicious signs.

To see rain and lightning in the dream.

friends dreams if you Girl Power also gives this dream bodes ill for you appears on the contrary that dream you see lightning, but you as well as power showers that appears to be So this dream gives good luck for you. This dream shows that in the coming time you will have small problems but it will not be really any problem. Because this will be the beginning of your success .

In the coming time, you are going to get the path of success, by following which you can fulfill all your dreams. Apart from this, this dream is also considered an indicator of opportunity that soon you are going to get a big opportunity, after this dream, you should not let any opportunity be taken out of your hands. You have to identify how the availability may be. But this is after the availability is going to be of your field only.

If you have to love it and dream here in the rain to get wet is given and during lightning power your time coming to see, even if it means that you can walk anywhere with furry companions . If you are unmarried and are bathing in the rain with your partner in your dream, then it means that in the coming days you are going to get married with your favorite partner. This means that you love to win can be.Lightning in dream Islam

Dreaming of lightning falling on yourself

Friends, this dream gives a slightly different meaning. Friends, in a simple sense, seeing celestial lightning or lightning in a dream gives inauspicious signs, while seeing celestial seeds falling on oneself in a dream gives auspicious signs. If you are running ill, in that situation you see in the dream that lightning is falling on you, then this dream indicates that in the coming time a positive change will be seen in you, due to which your illness will be in a short time. I will be fine. Apart from this, this dream also indicates to increase the tolerance power. According to which such power is going to develop in you in the coming time, due to which you will be able to easily bear the biggest disease. So this dream is a blessing for the development of physical and mental strength.This dream also gives a sign of being.

Dreaming of lightning falling on yourself

lightning in house dream

A visitor’s dream – Sigmund smith Sir my name is Abhiranjan Wadekar, I live in Meerut, I am a businessman with money. There is a shop in my market. It is after yesterday afternoon. There was no customer at my shop. I was waiting for customers for almost an hour . Then I was falling asleep due to laziness. Then I washed my face with cold water. I thought that I would fall asleep but I did not know when I fell asleep. I saw in my dream that I was enjoying the rain sitting in my courtyard, when the lightning strikes loudly and the lightning falls on my house.

Due to which two rooms of my house are completely destroyed . Only power I find myself then opens my eyes to decrepitating on your store. And when I looked at the hand of the clock, it was four o’clock inside the clock. That is, I was sleeping for three hours. Then I got worried and I called my wife and she took stock of my house. My wife told me everything is fine. So Sigmund smith sir, please tell me the meaning of this dream, is there going to be any untoward incident with my family members. I am afraid, please answer my dream as soon as possible, thank you sir.

Ans- According to dream science, seeing the house being broken or demolished due to lightning in a dream is considered an inauspicious dream. This dream indicates that you may have to face financial losses in the coming times. You may lose money during this dream. If you are a businessman then in the coming time you may suffer loss in business. Along with this, this dream also indicates that your family may suffer because of you in the coming time. So you should be careful with this dream so that you can avoid the bad effects of the dream.

Dreaming of lightning falling in the sea

If you see in a dream that lightning falls in the sea and then rises with thunder, then this dream gives both auspicious and inauspicious signs for you. It is an inauspicious sign that in the coming days, there will be problems related to health and finance in your life and your friends will also start behaving hostile with you. It is a good sign that whatever difficulty comes with you, you will get tremendous success in a few moments . That is, as soon as the wave-like problem will be over and you will get relief from all these troubles in no time. Thus this dream gives both auspicious and inauspicious meaning.

Accident due to lightning in dream

If you see in the dream that you are going somewhere upstairs by sitting there and suddenly there is a lightning strike on your vehicle or on your plane due to which you get into an accident, then this dream indicates that in the coming days. In order to get back your lost property, you are going to suffer a big loss. Thus, this dream gives inauspicious signs for you.

What is lightning ? What is lightning thunder?

Lightning is the discharge of electric charge in the atmosphere and the thunder or thud produced by it is called lightning or sky lightning. Or the lightning falling from the sky with thunder is called lightning or sky lightning when there is a collision between the clouds in the sky i.e. due to friction suddenly an electrostatic charge is released. That is, if an electric charge is created inside the storm clouds, then it comes from the sky to the ground. At this time, we hear sound with a loud thud and see light like sparking of electricity, this whole process is called as celestial lightning.

Why and how is lightning formed? Lightning making process

whole process-

1 Lightning is the result of the electric charge between the cloud above and the cloud below.

Lightning-generating clouds are usually at an altitude of about 10 to 12 kilometers, with the base being about one to two kilometers above the ground. The temperature at their top ranges from 35 degrees to 45 degrees.

3 The climate tends to rise upwards, it changes water due to the decrease in temperature, in this process a large amount of heat is generated, due to which the water molecules start moving upwards in the air.

4 As the water rises to a temperature below zero temperature, the water droplets turn into small ice crystals. They keep moving up, they then accumulate in large quantities, until they become so heavy that they   start falling down .

5 It moves towards a system where small ice crystals move upwards, while larger crystals move downwards. Due to which a collision arises between the two crystals, thus the electrons are freed. This process works similar to an electric spark. In the moving free electrons, more collisions happen and electrons are formed. In this way it works to create a chain reaction.

Due to this process, a situation occurs due to which the upper layer of the cloud becomes positively charged while the middle layer becomes negatively charged.

6 In this way a huge electric current starts flowing in about millions of amperes between the two layers of the corn clouds of high charge.

7 Due to which a huge amount of heat starts to be generated. Due to which the air between the two clouds starts heating up.

8 Due to this heavy heat, the air gap between the two layers appears red during lightning.

9 When hot air expands it produces shock. Due to which the sound of thunder is heard.

Friends, today we learned about the dream of Lightning in dream Islam. It gives auspicious sign in simple meaning, Dosotan you seeLightning in dream Islam in our post dream, whether you found your dream in the post or not, you tell us by commenting. If you have not found your dream in our article, then you can send us your dream by typing it in the comment box so that we can give the answer of your dream as soon as possible.

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