Eating langar in dream meaning

Eating langar in dream meaning, Langar in dream meaning– Hello friends welcome . Friends, today we will talk about dreams related to langar in dreams, what does seeing langar or food in a dream indicate. Is this dream auspicious or inauspicious for you or this dream has a negative effect on your life or has a positive effect. How do these dreams affect your life? Seeing langar in dream, eating langar in dream. Seeing Langar in dream/Dream about Langar .

When we take the name of Langar, Gurudwara comes in our mind. Because the langar is placed in front of the gurudwara. Just as there is a Bhandara in front of the temple in Hindu religion, in the same way, almost langar can be seen in front of the Gurudwara . In which food is fed to the poor and hungry people . We get to see langar in front of almost every gurudwara . Where a hungry person of any religion can eat food. Langar is set up by the rich people of Sikhism, in which no discrimination is done to anyone.

A person who is not rich can earn merit by serving in the langar . By anchoring it is social service and religious work. Anyone who gets a chance to work in the langar or serve the langar considers himself very lucky. The above the Always up just keeps water. Those who want to serve in the langar, they may not have got a chance or the person working in the langar may have the dream of lager.

What is Langar ?

Langar is related Sikhism. When we take the name of Langar, Gurudwara comes in our mind. Because the langar is placed in front of the gurudwara. Just as there is a Bhandara in front of the temple in Hindu religion, in the same way, almost langar can be seen in front of the Gurudwara. In which food is fed to the poor and hungry people. We get to see langar in front of almost every gurudwara. Where a hungry person of any religion can eat food. Langar is set up by the rich people of Sikhism, in which no discrimination is done to anyone.

Seeing Langar in dream/Dream about Langar

Seeing Langar in dream, Dream about Langar -You see a huge anchor in your dream, in which you see that thousands of people are eating food together sitting on the carpets laid on the ground . After the meal, loudly chant Wahe Guruji  ‘s  Khalsa ,  Wahe Guruji  ‘s victory . Guru Gobind Singh was the son of Tegh Bahadur Singh who founded the Khalsa Panth at Kewasgarh near Anandpur in Punjab. He spoke  of Wahe Guru ji’s  Khalsa ,  Wahe Guru  ji’s victory. It means that everything is God’s wealth , God’s victory !” It means to say that everything belongs to God and ultimately victory will be of God .

Two friends, this dream is considered to be a very auspicious sign for you. This dream indicates that you are going to get some good news in the coming days. May be you are deserving of congratulations in the coming time . Leading you in the coming days the children of Prapti may be. If you are inspecting the langar, it means that soon you are going to get a lot of money . Thus, this dream indicates increase in wealth.

Eating langar in dream meaning

Eating Langar in dream meaning

Friends, we consider langar as a service given to the poor. Langar is used to earn merit and to serve the poor . Whereas it is not related to poor or rich at all. Because the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich also eat food in the langar. Because they see that food as Prasad. Prasad is for everyone, be it poor or rich . The purpose of langar is not from the poor or the rich, but from the hungry. Main Yddeshy hungry people anchor the food is done.

If you see yourself eating food in a langar in your dream, it does not mean that you will become poor in the coming days . This dream gives a good sign for you. Due to which you are going to get a lot of money in the coming days. Or it can be said that in the coming days, you can see a manifold increase in your money .

If you are a businessman and in your dreams you see yourself eating sweets in the form of prasad in a langar in front of a gurudwara, then this dream is considered a very auspicious sign for you. This dream tells that in the coming time your business may see manifold growth. You have made a lot more progress this time than before.

can be seen. You are going to create another business with this business in the coming time. Soon your financial position will be strong. Which is considered a very auspicious sign for you.

What meaning of langar serving in dream meaning

Friends, today there will hardly be any person who would run away from religious works. Everyone wants to participate in religious work, many people feel sad thinking that we could not donate anything in the langar in the gurudwara, then you need to be disappointed by thinking that we will win more religious work. , the more modesty will come in us . And our outlook will also become positive.

If you see in a dream that you are serving food to people in langar, then this dream is considered a good dream for you. Due to which this dream indicates that soon you are going to get the full amount of your hard work. If you are a government Or if you are preparing for a non-government job, then after a few days of this dream your job dream will be fulfilled.

If you have been working on a project for a long time. So the project will be completed and you will get a lot from that project. If you own dream anchor sweep in the coming days is given leave to attend the counting of close Insano your Lord.

Sweeping in langar in dream meaning

In dreams you own an anchor sweep Given takes the dream is thought to bode well for you. This dream tells that in the coming days all the troubles going on in your life are going to end. Along with this, this dream indicates the arrival of happiness in life . If you see a broom in the gurudwara and langar in your dream , it means that in the coming days you will be very close to this day. It means to say that you will get spiritual knowledge, due to which you will be able to realize God .

Making food in Langar dreaming

If you see in the dream that you yourself are a confectioner and are providing the service of cooking food in the langar and are not taking anything in return for the service. So this dream gives a good sign for you. This dream indicates that you are going to get love and connection from many people in the coming time. Due to which all the troubles of your life will end in a few days.

If you see your opposite gender cooking food in your dream, it means that in the coming days someone is going to come in your life who will take special care of you. Or you can say that in the coming time you may fall in love with the opposite sex person. Thus this dream is considered to bring happiness.

feeding at langar dream meaning

Friends, if you see yourself feeding people food in a langar in front of a gurudwara, then this dream will be considered a good sign for you. This dream tells your religious thinking that your religious thinking will make you a great person . You have also dreamed of winning and success. They may take some time to complete. But it will definitely happen. Along with this, this dream acts as a luck assistant. That in the coming days your troubled fortune is going to wake up again. So friends, after this dream, you have to maintain faith in your Ishta Dev continuously.

Seeing empty Langar in dream

Friends, almost all the langars in India are such that they are open seven times throughout the day and provide food to the people. Being empty of a langar is not considered auspicious. If you see in the dream that you go to a big langar. If you go there and see, then you come to know that the anchor is completely empty. So this dream does not give good sign for you .

This dream indicates that something untoward is going to happen to you in the coming days . Due to which your heart may get a big blow. After this dream himself handled and strengthen your heart. Do not panic in case of any kind of crisis. You should pray to your Lord, Lord or Allah, that oh God, if there is some sin in my hands knowingly, then you forgive my mistake.  

Dream about Langar crowd

If you see a crowded langar in your dream, then this dream is considered an auspicious sign for you. This dream tells that in the coming time such a work is going to happen with your hands due to which you will be appreciated all around . If you also get involved in this crowd, then it means that in the coming days you will get your favorite job. Which is why your society and Ristedaron in value flat will increase. After this dream, whatever work you do, that work will go towards profit.

Seeing a huge langar in dream meaning.

You see an anchor in your dream which is very big to see. Anchor appears as a tent, these dream good for your sign in the coming days is considered the dream indicates that you big celebration is being joined in. If the langar is seen in the form of a black tent, then this dream indicates to you that you are going to get a lot of respect and respect in the coming time .

Seeing dishonor of langar food in dream

You see in a dream that you go to a langar and go there and kick the food kept in the langar . If you insult the food of langar, then this dream indicates that in the coming days you are going to fight with another person . So after this dream you need to exercise some restraint .

Dreaming of a ruined langar

If a person sees a broken or ruined house or anchor in a dream, then this dream indicates a loss of money in the coming time. In the coming time, you will have to lose money, honor and respect will decrease and there will be unrest in your family . If a woman sees this dream, then this dream is considered a bad sign for that woman. Due to which something untoward is going to happen to that woman in the coming days . Due to which you may get sick in the coming days, some accident may also happen to you.

Seeing a Foreign langar in dream

A visitor’s dream – Sir my name is chandarshekhar, i belong from sarsa in punjab . Friends, for a long time I wanted to go to Canada. But could not go due to paucity of money . Today I have a dream in which I saw that I went to Canada and I saw that a Gurdwara is built inside Canada and a langar is installed in front of it. Many Englishmen are eating food in that langar . Gupta ji sir what is the meaning of dream of foreign gurudwara in dream. Please kindly let me know.

Ans. Chandrashekhar ji, this dream gives auspicious signs for you. This dream tells that in the coming time your dream of abroad is going to be fulfilled . In the coming time, your foreign travel will be a pleasure.

Dreaming of langar inauguration

Friends, we want that langars should be opened in every city and village so that no one sleeps hungry. If we inaugurate the langar, then the whole world appreciates this work. No one condemns it, in real life the hoisting of the langar is a good sign, while in dreams its meaning is just the opposite. You see in your dream that a langar gets ready. If we see the inauguration of that new anchor in the dream, then according to the science of dreams, it is considered a very inauspicious sign. Also these dreams will have a negative impact on your life .

Dream abot dress donation

In dreams you see yourself as a donor . You see that in the winter time you are distributing blankets or clothes to every person who comes to you . So this dream is considered auspicious for you. This dream indicates that positive effects can be seen in your nature in the coming time . Along with this, this dream also indicates peace of mind . You are going to lead a stable and happy life in the coming times.

Seeing drinking milk in langar in dream 

If you see yourself drinking milk in a langar in a dream, then this dream gives many auspicious signs. If you are poor and you get this type of dream, then it means that in the coming days some such person is going to enter your life. By whose arrival you will get immense wealth . In his house well Smridhi grow exponentially. If there is a fight and discord going on in someone’s house, then during that time this dream indicates the end of the discord.

You are a failed person and whenever you start any work, that work fails within a few days , then this dream indicates that in the coming days all your spoils will become less. Along with this, this dream is considered to remove all worries and bring good news.

Seeing the arrival of Waheguru or Guru Nanak in the langar

In this world, whoever walks on the path of devotion, his main aim is to meet God or attain God. Everyone in his mind a devotee devotion that once God in life boil down to a desire to interview you. If someone sees God even in a dream, then that person considers himself to be the happiest person in the world .

If you see Waheguru , Sadhguru, Guru Nanak , or God in your dream, then this dream is considered a very auspicious sign for you. If you see your God in your dream, then it can be a matter of great luck. It means that in the coming times the mercy of the Lord is going to shower upon you. Along with this, this dream tells that your spiritual progress is going to happen in the coming time. That is, you are very close to God. You can easily find God through spiritual knowledge.  

Seeing yourself in the line of Langar in a dream.

Friends, no one likes to stand in line, but there are many places where it is also good to stand in line, like if we stand in line to eat food and prasad in gurudwara or langar, then our heart can be very happy. Get . And there are many places where we do not want to stand in the line of our own free will, but the situation becomes such that we have to stand in line . If you see yourself standing in a long line of a langar in a dream, you are waiting for your turn to eat prasad in the line, then this dream does not give auspicious signs for you. This dream indicates that in the coming time you are going to face disappointment .

The work in which you have been engaged for a long time and you are expecting the success of that work, then you should give up that hope in the coming time. Since coming to your expectations at the time the water is moving. So after this dream you avoid depression itself promulgating should. You have to keep positive, only then you will be able to prepare yourself to fight the troubles that are to come .

If you are waiting for their turn in the anchor engaged to the temple, then your number is just going to come these to you more concerned about your tells Jrurut not. Success is very close to you. You just need to work a little harder .

Accident in the langar in the dream

In the dream, you see that you go to a langar to eat food and suddenly a storm-like situation arises and there is an accident in the langar. The anchor wall falls on many people. People are running around. There is fear in everyone’s heart. People cry while sitting beside their dead relatives. So these friends, everyone gets scared after seeing this type of dream . Friends, you do not need to be afraid of this dream much. This dream gives both auspicious and inauspicious signs for you.

It is an inauspicious sign that some big accident is going to happen to you in the coming time . And it is a good sign that this dream acts as a warning for you, due to which you get a chance to recover . By which you prepare yourself for that problem. You get time to fight the madness. This dream also serves to warn you, so that you get some time and you can handle the situation completely.

 Friends, today we see the anchor dream of talking about anchor Food visions or dreams, friends, we see which anchor in dreams or anchor food in dreams is considered very auspicious sign, you come many dreams anchor, you us Tell us by commenting whether you got your dream in this article or not, if you do not get your dream in this article, then send us your dream by typing it in the comment box , so that we can answer your dream as soon as possible. How did you like our article to see langar in a dream or to eat langar in a dream, if you liked our post, then share the link of this post to your friends so that your friends can also know the true meaning of their dream.

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