Dream Meaning Killing Someone In Self Defense

Dream meaning killing someone in self defense, Dream about killing someone to protect-If in a dream we are fighting with some person and that person is hurting us or any member of our family. finish We do not want to kill him, but we are forced to kill him to protect our family and our own lives, so this dream may be related to our family relationships that there is no one on your family and you. untoward or a very large problem It is about to come and the relationship between your family is not good , in the dream you kill a person who is good for your family. to risk If yes, then this dream indicates to improve your family relationship that you should improve your family relationships because by creating a division in your family, someone will be doing a big deal to your family. Harm wants to do

In addition if your Already worried about some family dispute and if you get this dream This dream does not hold any great importance for you because this dream is the concern of your family. brings with.

After having these types of dreams, you should also listen to any small issue in your family so that you will know about what is happening in your family. dispute It is going on and that dispute should not increase so much that no one has any difference in your house. Enemy Know it

Dream Meaning Killing Someone In Self Defense

kill your enemy in a dream , Killing your enemy in self defense 

There is hardly any person in this world who has no enemy, because a bad man takes care of his enemy and a good man’s enemies are born because of his nature that why this man is so good , because of a good man. of bad men business gets hurt ,

If you have a dream that you kill your old enemy with your own hands and you feel happy after killing him, then this dream shows the end of the problems in your life that the problems going on in the coming days will end , in this A different meaning also comes out, if we kill a person in a dream whom we already know and we know that he is our enemy and after killing him we get a lot, then it also means that you Too much in my mind for that enemy the Grudge That’s why you feel happy.

Apart from this, if we kill a person in a dream who is not our enemy, there is only hatred towards him in our men, then this dream tells that you are attached to some unknown person. the problems may have to face.

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